Tuesday, 15 July 2008

SS501 in Malaysia for Summer Live Concert 2008?

Well, well, well it looks like Malaysia is getting its fair share of K-pop acts this year. Super Junior is coming for the 2008 MTV Asia Awards (Aug 2) and now SS501 is said to be coming for the Summer Live Concert 2008 (Aug 23).

While the news about the Korean boyband's visit is said to be confirmed, a quick check at the Summer Live Concert 2008 site shows that there is still no update on this at the time of writing.

Welcome to Malaysia?: The SS501 boys is said to
be coming to Malaysia next month

SS501 (pronounced Double-S five-oh-one) is reportedly coming to Malaysia on Aug 21, performing at the Summer Live Concert 2008 on Aug 23 and holding a fan meeting on Aug 24.

Entrance fee for the fan meet is RM180. There will be autograph, games and Q&A sessions and a performance by the band. SS501 will be autographing 500 albums on that day.

This year, the Summer Live Concert will be held at the historical city of Malacca. The concert, which is now in its 4th year, is mainly catered to the Chinese crowd and admission is free.

SS501, where art thou?: The boys aren't listed as
the performers...yet

You can redeem tickets to the show but for those who can't make it, the music extravaganza will be telecast live in Malaysia via the TV station that organises the event, 8TV (free TV - yay!).

Summer Live Concert 2008 will be held at the MITC Melaka at 8pm. Apart from SS501, performers at the event include Jolin Tsai, Rainie Yang, Stanley Huang, Show Luo, Energy, Awaking and Jam Hsiao.

For more information, surf on to: http://www.8tv.com.my/summerlive/

Source: K-popped! reader Siti Arina Kassim & SS501@Soompi
Pic credit: Newsen

Super Junior in Malaysia for 2008 MTV Asia Awards


-XioN- said...

OH YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! im in melakaaa.. n its near my uni.. im sooooo goin... woohoo.. its free rite?? haha.. go early for nice spots.. :D though i dun understand chinese.. haha

Liz said...

-xion-, you'll need to get the tickets to the show if you want to go. The schedule for ticket redemption is at the 8TV website. Pls go and check it out.

-XioN- said...

ahh.. saw it de... at mp.. i missed the 12 july.. didnt know bout it.. hope i remember bout the 16 august.. how much issit?

audrey said...

heya...any idea where we can get tickets for the fan meeting??? n all this while i tot it was a rumour..mmy bad!!!! oya who r the organisers for the fanmeeting? 8tv as well???

thanks for the good news..r u gals going???

Anonymous said...

hmmm since ss501 is coming...
i'm getting curious....
that time the ft island concert, it was cancelled and part of the money was refunded but to those who did not buy from ticket charge did not get their money back right?? like me...
or did i miss anything??
anyone help to ask ci entertainment whether they are going to refund the money???
please?? because i don't have their contacts at all...
and now is already july....already the fourth month....and my money is still not walking back to me...anyone who have any info please email me at shin_chieh88@yahoo.com

-XioN- said...

hmm.. ci entertainment the organizer?? dun think so.. n this summer live concert is no joke.. it does relly happen n jang nara n jolin had performed before.. so.. hmm.. dunno.. hha.. n not sum ppl say this concert can go in without ticket oso..

anyways.. wanna ask bout the mtv asia awards.. this sat really there will be free passes given out?? i hope wen i travel there, there will still be passes for me.. haha... sure ppl will camp outside.. hope not.. plsplspls.. :D

noV said...

SS501? where are they from? are they good? why i never know about them before? *cough*cough*

-XioN- said...

they're a korean group tat consist of 5 members... see the first pic... they are.. hmm... ok? haha... the leader's cute though.. haha

fieryheart said...

I'm a quite a fan of theirs and it's good to hear that they are coming to Malaysia (even if it's not confirmed yet). Even if they come,I'll probably just watch them on TV.
The price for the fan meet is too expensive.No chance of me going.

Ily said...

Great! just when i have to leave Malaysia addy, they're coming here!
just my luck lah! haish.

|| Lyññ || said...

AHH!! Why Melaka?? sobs... My mom will kill me to go all the way down there just to see them... lol... but if they come, I will definately GO!!

Ahhh... I do hope they will go... I wanna see them soooo bad!!! =(

noV said...

i know who they are la... just kidding only... hehe~

Anonymous said...

they're coming?!?!
i definetly go!

i only want to go to the fan meet eventhough it's rm180 but it's worth it!
can anyone tell me where can i buy the ticket for the fan meet?
someone pleaseee?
i'm dying to see them!
if u know about the fan meet where can get the ticket and where the fan meet is hld,tell me please
u can emeil me at syaika_mudblood@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

cater for chinese crowd only??? come on lar wei. all malaysia's public event shoulbe be for all community (where da hell go 'majmuk' nowadays in malaysia d, 'pupus' ar...) i felt not fair ler.

Anonymous said...

omo ... izit 100% tat SS501 coming 2 msia 4 performing? i wish i could go there n watch them at near distance ... too bad it is impossible ... oh gosh super junior coming oso

Anonymous said...

i'm so curios y suddenly SS501 invited ... SS501 become more n more famous after the 'we got married'

Liz said...

Hey, Aug 23 came and gone and this turned out to be a rumour, huh? SS501 didn't come. Was it because Kim Hyung-joong's shoulder injury?


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