Thursday, 31 July 2008

Bikini-clad Lee Hyori in Ceci magazine

Cool down: Hyori's so hawt, she needs to be cooled down

The August 2008 issue of Ceci magazine (South Korea) will be carrying photos of a bikini-clad Lee Hyori. Pictures of the U-Go-Girl singer were taken in June in Hawaii.

The 29-year-old is seen in different bikinis, while frolicking on the beach. Hyori just made a successful comeback to the K-pop music scene with her 3rd album It's Hyorish.

Tease: Hyori raises the temperature with
her pseudo-striptease pose

Spoiler: Ugh, get the two guys out of the picture!
They are ruining a good shot 'cos I'm not feelin' them boys.

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

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Lee Hyori makes an explosive comeback!
IT'S HYORISH pops out on 25 July

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Anonymous said...

WOW! She looks AMAZING!!!

lina said...

Hyori is super gorgeous! She's got such a perfectly toned body! So envious!

lucies said...

This girl really doesn't age does she? She is way too beautiful!
The guys aren't doing much for me either! Yes, get them out!

w3ndy said...

wow, i wish i looked that good in a bikini! i love the second shot! she can be so cute and sexy at the same time! hyori needs to ditch those guys! how about some hot korean men instead!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my....Hyori is so HOT!
Perfect tan and body!

juju said...

Hyori looks good in anything, really!
She ages so beautifully! Total envy!
Ditch those boys Hyori, you can do better!

Anonymous said...

Her boy toy accessories aren't working! She's hot enough to stand alone! Hyori<3!

serefina said...

Hyori looks FAB in those pics! She's got such a great figure! I wonder where the photoshoot took place?

chuey said...

Hyori in a bikini? You can't get any better than that! She can rock any look!

Anonymous said...

She is so gorgeous! She looks fantastic in those bathing suits! I love that white bikini!

Anonymous said...

hyori is hotness!

Liz said...

@serefina, the pics were taken in Hawaii :-)

Anonymous said...

I would love to see her do a real striptease... :)


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