Sunday, 13 July 2008

Catching B-boyz and Ballerina at the Esplanade

There are two Korean produced musicals that i have been wanting to watch...

  1. Nanta
  2. B-boyz and Ballerina (The Ballerina who loves a Bboy)

So you can imagine how happy i was when i was walking past the theaters at the Esplanade (when i was in Singapore two weeks ago) and noticed this bunting.

bboyz_and_ballerinaB-Boyz & Ballerina
27 - 29 June 2008

Esplanade Theatre, Singapore

"Oh. My. Word!" ~ i thought to myself. "B-boys and Ballerina is showing RIGHT NOW? I can't believe it! This is so awesome!" Without much deliberation, i headed to the Box Office and purchase two tickets for the show on Saturday. Woo hoo! I can't believe what a stroke of luck. I don't even have to go to Korea to watch it now.

I rushed to the Box Office to buy tickets to the show

My tickets for Saturday, 28 June for B-boyz & Ballerina!

The Journey

The next night, i took the MRT to City Hall and walked along the City Link underground mall towards the Esplanade. I love the experience as you walk past shops with attractive window displays and eateries along the way. I cherished the leisurely walk, venturing into shops that caught my fancy. Singapore is truly a shopping paradise. Plus if you go there during the Great Singapore Sale...ah...pure joy!

Billboards in the tunnel

As you continue walking, you will come to a tunnel with huge billboards. Then, as if a fore-warning that you are near the "arts and performance" area, you will see interesting art work on the walls as you approach the Esplanade.

walkingtothe esplanade
Art work along the walls as you approach the Esplanade

art work on the walls esplanade
Is that rubbish on the wall?
Some art i just don't understand

Night view of the Esplanade from Marina Mall

The Show

Inside the theater, my seat was on the 2nd floor
I got the cheapest tickets @ S$35 but sound
was good & i had a bird's eye view of the stage

For those who do not know, B-boyz & Ballerina is purely a dance musical, with no dialog. This eliminates the language barrier and so, this Korean team can go around the world, doing what they do!

The show was very upbeat and the crowd appreciative. There were clapping and shouts as the Gorilla Crew (dancers) performed their dangerous dance moves almost effortlessly. Those guys are amazing as they did their power moves.There were head spins, hand stands and full body spins aplenty. If you think Se7en does a cool one-hand stand, well, that's child's play to the Gorilla Crew.

The lead B-boy Kim Hyun Moon was excellent and the tall and slim lead actress - the ballerina portrayed by Kim Na Hee was graceful. But the "rich man" (Cha Ho Chan) and his team had the coolest dance sequences.

The leads as shown in our program book ~ which
we didn't need to purchase and was given out for free

All in all, it was a wonderful performance and the crew gave a very fierce performance. The dancing was indeed top notch and it looked really rigorous. I think when it comes to Asians, Koreans are no doubt the best dancers.

The photo opportunity

After the performance, there was a photo session where we get to take a photograph with the crew. Argh....i didn't bring my camera as i wasn't expecting anything like this. Anyway, we will just have to make do with photos from my mobile phone. =)

The lead B-boy (Kim Hyun Moon) and Ballerina (Kim Na Hee)
at the photo shoot at the end of the show.

I think he injured his arm slightly doing
the vigorous dancing and needed to put ice on it.



Liz said...

Boo hoo, I didn't get to watch it. *cries*...but it sure does sound fun.

Even if you didn't bring your camera, the pics you took with your mobile is OK :-).

Like the last pic where the baddie posed for you ;-).

Anonymous said...

Yes - in Asia, the Koreans are the best dancers!!!

Everyone else just looks lame!!

wawa said...

wohoooo...u must be enjoying the whole performance!!! huhuhu...if they come over to m'sia, i for sure will go BUT the ticket usually expensive one!!!huhuhu

Rooster said...

@ Orchid: Oh, you're so lucky Orchid! Hmm, so what will you do while Liz & I are watching the show in Seoul? ;p

Orchid said...

Eat street food outside the theater and wait for you guys to come out?! heheh...oh go SHOPPING! ;-)


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