Sunday, 13 July 2008

Uhm Jung-hwa channels Madonna for DISCO

The South Korean press dubs her Korea's Madonna, and I think the 37-year-old singer/actress is taking it too literally. It kinda shows with the release of her 10th (mini) album D.I.S.C.O, a tribute to the rollicking 70s complete with out-of-this-world tacky fashion.

Disco 70s: Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor vs.
Uhm Jung-hwa's D.I.S.C.O

But why knock a successful formula? Madonna hit pay dirt with her Confessions on a Dance Floor album (the Queen of Pop's 10th album too!) back in 2005.

The album was a throwback to the 70s disco era as well, and the smash hit single from the album Hung Up, contained a sample of ABBA's 1979 hit Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight).

According to Wikipedia, Hung Up is Madonna's biggest selling single to date and one of the most successful singles of all time, reaching number one in 45 countries!

Material girl: 'I like plastic too. The other kind of plastic'

And so, Uhm Jung-hwa has hopped onto the retro bandwagon in her comeback effort. (It has been two years since her last album Prestige (2006)). Will Jung-hwa sshi succeed in climbing up the K-pop charts with D.I.S.C.O?

For her latest album, Uhm enlisted the help of the younger generation such as T.O.P. and G-Dragon of Big Bang, much like how Madonna worked with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland on Hard Candy. That 4 Minutes track is kewl huh?

Time is waiting/ We only got four minutes to save the world/ No hesitating/ Grab a boy/ Go grab your girl

Sorry, I digress...but it's JT!!!

I've listened to Uhm Jung-hwa's D.I.S.C.O track and it's just so-so for me. It is...bouncy.

Nevertheless, T.O.P. fans will no doubt drool over their idol, and Uhm's colourful get-ups may create some buzz but honestly, I'm not getting Hung Up over D.I.S.C.O ;-P.

Here's a look at how Uhm Jung-hwa stacks up against Madonna. All I can say is, the Material Mom ain't called the Queen of Pop for nuthin' ;-).

Uhm Jung-hwa can be the sanitized Asian copycat, if you like.

Madonna wants YOU...Uhm Jung-hwa wants you,
and maybe you, and you too.

Madonna confidently wears her purple leotard...
Uhm Jung-hwa dons shorts

Madonna struts around in her 70s get-up...
Uhm Jung-hwa does the same

Madonna gets into the 70s groove...
Uhm Jung-hwa shows off her disco moves

Madonna sits on her M-shaped throne...Uhm Jung-hwa is now
renamed Muhm Jung-hwa :-P

Madonna gets it on with Justin Timberlake...
Uhm Jung-hwa is T.O.P's friend

Now that we've seen the similarities, we can make a guess at the concept of Uhm Jung-hwa's next album!

Maybe she'll call hers S.U.G.A.R. instead ;-).


Uhm Jung-hwa and TOP do the DISCO
Uhm Jung-hwa sells jeans
Uhm Jung-hwa makes $$$ from lingerie venture


Anonymous said...

rather i def felt a kylie minogue vibe after watching UJH's DISCO MV.
this lady ain't fierce enough to be compared to the ultimate DIVA!

jane said...

hm.. to be fair now, uhm jung hwa sported those granny panties [that madonna's wearing] in her last album xP

Anonymous said...

Well maybe you think Uhm Jung Hwa may copy some aspects of Madonna, but Madonna doesn't seem too original herself anymore. Madonna is taking whatever is "hot" in Paris/London right now and making it appear as those she was the first. Whatever goes on in Europe and Asia (particular dance music, fashion) is way ahead of what's going on in the US I think..Madonna just imports it so we think she's the originator. And I do believe Madonna is copying Kylie Minogue..but I'll need further research and evidence to explain why..heh. Madonna seems too desperate now...But UJH seems to be having so much fun with her new image that it seems very much her own creative rendition.

ultranguik said...

lol, you got me rofl on muhm jung hwa XD it doesnt make sense
ahah, whatever, i like her her song with gd and ymga
disco is catchy yes, catchy, and also annoying with her voice, i dont see why top's 28 seconds appearance is much needed

lappi knight said...

Hi. I'm brazilian... I heard both albums, but sincerelly D.I.S.C.O. is better then Confessions. I prefer it coz it's much more delightful to listen. madonna is the icon, but it may 'blur' the album quality just becos she's the 'queen of pop'. not taking her meritis, but i'm still prefer jung-hwa. but i think D.I.S.C.O. could have more songs...


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