Tuesday, 22 July 2008

DBSK breaks record with 23rd single!

True to their name...they are the Rising Gods of the East

Tohoshinki as they are known in Japan, broke records and topped the Japanese Oricon charts with their 23rd single - Why did I end up falling for you? The five member idol group's new single Why did I end up falling for you? sold 68,000 copies in its first week itself and became the #1 single on the weekly Oricon charts.

This is DBSK's third consecutive single to top the Oricon charts! First it was Purple Line, then Beautiful You, and now, Why did I end up falling for you? This makes them the first group ever to achieve this feat. DBSK's ardent fans are super happy, super hyper (in the forums), super proud and dizzy with excitement now because their favourite boys created history.

View the MV of their latest single,
Why did I end up falling for you? with English subtitles.

DBSK are making their fans really happy by releasing a 4th album, topping the charts with their 23rd single, and releasing two photo books.

A Week Holiday - It's Stylish (Limited Edition) [Purchase this]
A Week Holiday - Camping (Limited Edition)

Special thanks to K-popped! reader Johan Yusof


dreamideoyo said...

I wouldn't call it making us happy, I call it making us broke. and don't forget the A-Nation Goodies, Tohoshinki T Concert, their O Concert Goods... aishh.. I'm so broke.. but I don't care.. I love Tohoshinki/TVXQ/Dong Bang Shin Ki so much that I bought 5, yes 5! copies of their singles just so that I could push them up the Oricon Chart.. and the fact that you guys reported this makes me happy because it means that Cassies everywhere have supported DBSK..

I have a tear in my eye now everytime I listen to Doushite.. *sniff*

Johan said...

You're very welcome. ^^

On another note, they are also the very first non-Japanese Asian artiste with three chart-toppers on the weekly rankings! The previous record was held by both DBSK and Chinese singer, Ouyang Feifei and Ouyang's feat was achieved like 24 years ago!

It doesn't matter what language they sing in or what style they apply in their songs. Bottom line is, DBSK is THE top pop group in all of Asia, yesterday, today and definitely tomorrow!

dbskislove said...

i was so happy when i read about it @soompi.. even without them performing to Music Station, they still can topped the chart. congrats DBSK!!!!
my roommate must be pissed at me right now as i listen to 'doushite' non-stop, everyday since i got my CD.. hehehe
I cant wait for their 4th album.
DBSK fighting!!!!

*salute to dreamideoyo for buying 5 copies*

TXkiryn said...

OMG that was a fantastic song!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE DBSK... I might turn into a Cassie still....

Chianz said...

Opa... ;D congratulations ya.
I'll always support TVXQ,well bcoz this was a japanese single so I mean Tohoshinki. Casssopiea fightin! loved all their songs...


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