Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Hwanhee spotted at airport

Caught on camera: Smile, Hwanhee...you're being photographed

When I look at Hwanhee...I am amazed at the work of his plastic surgeon. With a scalpel, the surgeon has deftly turned the Fly to the Sky member into a walking, breathing work of art. In other words, he's so hawt.

These pictures were taken by a fan at an airport. Not sure which airport Hwanhee was at, but he was apparently alone at the time. The other half of the duo - Brian Joo - was nowhere to be seen.

Cutie-pie: Hwanhee poses for the camera

Wasn't Hwanhee's reaction to the camera cute? After realising that he was being photographed, the 26-year-old smiled and made cute faces for the camera.

Below is a pic of Hwanhee before surgery.

Before: Hwanhee before being

Source: Hankooki

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jehan said...

he sure looks like a eurasian now..

Anonymous said...

he looks HAWT indeed!

marcel said...

sexy hwanhee ;P drools.. but i'm sad he doesn't look korean anymore.. FTTS is performing in LA this wknd yay!~

chrystal said...

whoa, he looks so hot! so cute in tht beanie.. i wonder if he looks that good without it.. hmmm. :D

Anonymous said...

i thought he looked hot before, now i just can't see him in the same way again! didn't know that he such insecurities for such a hot guy!

silverchainsaw said...

gah he noticed the camera and posed omgg
hes so awsome XD

daisyjane said...

It looks like he is really pleased with his new face. previously he looked so Ah Beng.

Anonymous said...

what exactly did he get done?

Anonymous said...

he is hot, but i don't know why he did it, i love him..

coro said...

OMO Hwanhee!! he's so hot. He got this huge self confidence after the surgery.. so, i won't ask any why he did it. I Love him. He's hotter than ever!

Valerie said...

omg he is so drool-worthy and sooo dreamy!
those captures are so cute! especially the bottom left one in the first pic when he's like "someone taking my picture?" then "okay wait, let me adjust my beanie and pose." sooo hot!!

Dottie said...

I loved him before.
I really did.
Now he is a stranger to me.
But at least he's happy.
It's sad how cruel Asian societies are.

Anonymous said...

he's kinda jerk in real life
i liked him better before

Liz said...

What made you say that kpop-rubba? Have you met Hwanhee in real life?

wawa said...

wow...totally a 360 degrees changed! but he is hot with the new look!

Anonymous said...

ugggh that sucks... why would he resort to plastic surgery? he looked way better before!!!


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