Wednesday, 2 July 2008

East of Eden star needs a little TLC

Song Seung Hun does his own stunts and needs some TLC from fans

Filming for the big budget, star studded drama East of Eden has begun. 32 year-old Song Seung Hun is currently on location in Hong Kong! Reports has it that the notorious HK paparazzi have been on the Korean actor's heels like bees to honey. With so many paparazzi around, Song Seung Hun got a bit distracted while working on his new drama. Ahhh...give the man some space and let him work!

Also in the news, Song Hye Kyo (yeah the new face of
LaneĆ­ge) was in Hong Kong recently to meet up with John Woo and Chang Chen for the movie 1949. Hye-kyo invited Song Seung Heon (her co-star from Autumn Tale) to the meeting so that John Woo and Hye Kyo's manager could meet with Song Seung-heon!

Now i think that's really neat. Song Seung Hun oppa and Song Hye Kyo would make a nice couple. Hmmm...but i guess they are just industry friends for now.

Source: Newsen, via Soompi Forums (SSH thread)

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jas said...

Yes. Yes. Yes.

They are just industry friends. I guess, Won Bin also?

Anonymous said...

TLC stands for?
tender loving care?
song seung hun <33.

Anonymous said...

song seung hun always looks like the long lost brother of nicholas tse.

Valerie said...

TOP's gonna be in this too...i think.
double hottie alert!


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