Sunday, 6 July 2008

Filming the movie I'm Happy

I'm Happy - Naneun haengbuk hamnida (나는 행복합니다)
- scene 16, take 1....

We reported earlier that Hyun Bin will return to the big screen in the movie I'm Happy with Lee Bo-young. Here we bring you a couple of pictures of the filming location and how our dear Hyun Bin will look like in the new movie.

The Happy Family - Hyun Bin who plays a man with a mental disorder
is seen here with his on screen elder brother (
a gambler)
and his mom who has dementia

Hyun Bin at the filming location. Many fans attempted
to visit him,
but this time around it's all
work and visitors will not be entertained.

Film Crew Pic 1 (pic credit Film 2.0)

Film Crew Pic 2 (pic credit Film 2.0)

Watch out for the movie soon...

정말입니다. 나는 행복합니다
It is the truth. I am happy.

Hyun Bin returns to the big screen


Valerie said...

aww. look at hyun bin in all his scruffy-ness. so handsome with the facial hair!
i'd definitely like to see this movie. it would be interesting to watch hyun bin portray a character with a mental disorder. he's a great actor.

coro said...

OMO. i'm really gonna watch this. different side of hyun bin :D

Anonymous said...

hello!! i been seriously trying to find a site where i can watch this film... can someone help me pleaseee... it's been a year already how is it possible that i can't find a site that shows this movie... will appreciate feedback... thanks!


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