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Jang Shou - where Rain dined in Singapore

I was in Singapore last weekend, and guess what? I visited the Korean restaurant where Rain and his crew dined at when he was in Singapore for the 2007 I'm Coming World Tour!

Jang Shou Korean BBQ restaurant Singapore
This is where Rain and his crew dined at when
he was in Singapore for the 2007 I'm Coming World Tour
~ Jang Shou Korean BBQ at Esplanade Mall

rain autograph placemat closeup
I'm not bluffing...Rain left his mark and was there on 21 January 2007

How did it all happen?

While in Singapore i meet up with K-popped! reader Fraulein and since the both of us love all things Korean, what better way than to have our very first meeting over a Korean barbecue dinner! Before meeting up, Fraulein gave me a list of very enticing Korean restaurants to choose from, and of course - we decided on Jang Shou - for obvious reasons. ;-)

Jang Shou restaurant is located at Esplanade Mall. The Esplanade is a magnificent building with state of the art architecture, but to put it bluntly, it looks like the "durian". Esplanade - theatres on the bay is where you go to watch plays, attend musicals, art exhibitions etc. It is the center of arts in Singapore. You can also shop at the Esplanade Mall and dine alfresco at the Waterfront. The place is just fabulous and i am so glad to have discover it this time around. It's now my favourite place to visit after the famed Orchard Road for shopping!

That's me in the blue dress at the Waterfront waiting for Fraulein.
Behind me is Marina Bay and the beautiful view
of the city of Singapore. In front,
they were setting the
stage up for a free open-aired concert later
that night.
Don't ask me who took the photo.
I had to hire a paparazzo ok! ;-)

view singapore dusk
The view behind me - City skyline of Singapore from Marina Bay.
You see that white spot smack in the middle of the picture?
That's the Merlion.

When Fraulein arrived, we made our way to the restaurant and promptly ordered our sumptuous Korean meal.

jang shou korean charcoal BBQ

Needless to say, i was quite taken in by the dinner place mat autographed by Rain. I scrutinized it, and tried to read Rain's scribbling first. After failing to decipher what he wrote i then took a couple of shots of the piece of paper on the dinner table before delving into the simple, no-nonsense menu.

rain autograph placemat
The "Rain was here" place mat

The menu at Jang Shou is not extensive - they don't even have Kimchi Jjigae. Isn't that Rain's favourite dish? I mean isn't that a Korean staple? How come they don't have Kimchi stew? 왜? 왜? Did they specially prepare it for Rain when he visited the place? I wonder.

Despite not having KJ, i like the menu. It's simple and straight to the point. You order what you want and there are limited choices. But what they serve, i bet it's all good. We had no complaints for the food we ordered. They were all good.

Here's what we selected:

Grilled beef brisket (S$32)

olive porkribs with honey
Olive Pork Ribs with Honey (S$25)
This is a MUST ORDER when you visit the restaurant.
It's a house special and is very delicious.
Marinated pork ribs barbecued over a charcoal grill.
If you are wondering what those other items on the plate are,
it's a piece of onion and a mushroom.

korean barbecue bbq
This is what the pork ribs look like on the barbecue stove.
Okay, i guess now is a good time to add that this restaurant is non-halal.

arrowrootnoodle chillbroth7
Arrowroot Noodle in Cold Broth

green lettuce and chili
Refreshing green lettuce to wrap all that barbecued meat in.
See the green chili (gochu) they serve with the lettuce?
Koreans like it hot!

Banchan (side dishes) galore!

jangshou_restaurant bbq
Other patrons enjoying their meal

After a very nice meal and good conversation over dinner, we left the restaurant happy and satisfied. On the way out, we stopped by Rain's poster to ogle for awhile before adjourning to Marina Square nearby for some shopping (more on this later...).

rain imcomingposter jangshou singapore
Rain's poster proudly displayed
on one of the walls at the restaurant


Anonymous said...


haj said...

wait- blue dress? you mean purple? -_-

Anonymous said...

Did you get a new camera? The photos are great.

sasjo said...

Fuyoh! Got own paparazzo summore - don't play play! :P

kpop-rubba said...

blue dress? That dress looks burgundy purplish to me xD
WOW that place looks swanky! I'd love to visit singapore but my mom is like scared to death cuz of that kid getting the cane like 18 years ago haha.

Anonymous said...

Just a bit of info - Rain had his after-concert celebration at Jang Shou. Most of his meals were taken at Manna Restaurant. Manna serves a variety of Korean dishes and they have named the function room, at which Rain at his meals, as Rain's room.

daisyjane said...

Why do Koreans always like to eat at Korean restaurants when they travel? Don't they like to try other food or local fare?

Orchid said...

The dress is navy blue or could look a bit purple. It turned out more purple in the photo.

@anonymous Yes i got a new camera a couple of months ago. Thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

That purple (or blue) dress is gorgeous ^_^

1.) As for Bi (& crew) eating regularly at Korean restaurants, it was probably done because that's the easiest option when catering to a crowd of Koreans after a long days work rather than going around asking everyone where they would like to eat. In any case, Bi & crew are hardly representative of regular Korean tourists as they were in overseas for several months for work rather than leisure.

2.) Just because a Korean checks out Korean restaurants overseas doesn't mean they "don't they like to try other food or local fare." If they do it's most likely because they are curious to see what Korean food is like in other countries, are homesick, or you just happened to catch them on a day they felt like having some rice after spending a week sampling the local cuisine.

3.) Statements like "Why do Koreans always like to eat at Korean restaurants when they travel? Don't they like to try other food or local fare?" are kind of offensive. It generalizes all Koreans in one sordid lump of personal prejudice and it takes away each Korean's (and person's) right to be treated as an individual and not 1 clone of a million. That's what makes statements like "Why are girls from California so shallow, can't they just appreciate inner beauty?" or "All football players go to college even though they're stupid b/c they are athletic." or "Why are all Middle Easterners terrorists, don't they want to be at peace?" so insipid.

Anonymous said...

Non-Korean food (in Korea) eg. pizza etc is served with kimchi or some other pickles. It is a MUST. This perhaps explains why Koreans look for Korean food even when they are out of the country. There's definitely kimchi present.

daisyjane said...

Is there any Koreans who dislike kimchi?

Anonymous said...

Yes Rain had most of his dinner at Manna here in Singapore. Best food and he has a few favourite dishes at Manna! The Rain room is very cosy.

Orchid said... what is Rain's favourite dish at Manna restaurant?

Speaking of Manna Restaurant...the Korean owner is probably a Christian. Cos "manna" is the white stuff God rained down from heaven to feed the Israelites when they were roaming about in the wilderness before entering the Promised Land.

hanang. said...

my bday is on 21 jan!
lol!! it doesnt matter
but im juz excited~
but he came to msia on 27 rite??
*ignore me =)

awesome bloggg
tons of it about rain
i heart k-popped <33


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