Monday, 7 July 2008

Get cheaper K-drama DVDs in Singapore!

korean dvd boxsets MLSS Coffee Prince
My Coffee Prince and Lovely Samsoon box sets

Hey you can get cheap Korean drama DVD box sets in Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale (GSS).

Over dinner, I told Fraulein i have yet to see Coffee Prince because purchasing the box-set in Malaysia would cost me around RM149. So after dinner at Jang Shou Korean restaurant Fraulein took me to a place just across the street to buy Korean drama DVDs.

When we were crossing the street from Esplanade Mall to Marina Mall, we could see Ritz Carlton Hotel. Folks, that's where Rain and his crew stayed during the 2007 I'm Coming World Tour.

Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore is the
one on the right of Mandarin Oriental

Fraulein brought me to TS at Marina Mall where among other things, they sell Korean movies and Korean drama DVDs! To my delight, Singapore has a really good selection. Since it was during the Great Singapore Sale (23 May - 20 July 2008), i bought the Coffee Prince original box set for S$20 (RM48.20). I also asked if they have My Lovely Sam-soon and ended up purchasing that for S$20 (USD14.70) too.

TS at Marina Mall

They also sell Korean movies at around S$16 - 18 per movie. Since the movies are not that cheap, i decided not to buy any. Although they do have some pretty good titles. At that time, they had a promotion where if you buy three movies, you get one free.

I am very happy with my purchases because the quality of the DVD is very good. It's original and thus very clear plus (this is of utmost importance) the English subtitles are very accurate.

Love the packaging, here's part of the 4 disc Coffee Prince set

I also found out that the distributors for the MLSS DVD set is actually in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia! It irks me that even when it is distributed in Malaysia, i had to go all the way to Singapore to get a cheaper copy. How sad is that?!

Packaging for My Lovely Samsoon

Jang Shou - where Rain dined in Singapore

Purchase online:


noV said...

why go Singapore? u can just go to S&M at Kotaraya for cheap Korean drama DVD...

can get around RM50-RM80 for 1 drama... i bought Coffee Prince for RM75...

alchocoholic said...

Yeah, orchid... there really isn't any need to go all the way to singapore to get cheaper kdrama dvds. I get mine from s&m too... there are many shops there and once u get to know them well (regular customer), they give u further discounts! I'm a member of Hong Kong Super Video (pay rm20 to be a member and then you're entitled to 10% discount on anything you buy). They have a pretty good selection of korean, japanese, hong kong and taiwanese series and movies. You should check it out! :) I got my copy of coffee prince for only rm55 from one of the shops there after making friends with the girl hehe.

Anonymous said...

Dang...that's still expensive...
I buy mine in the philippines, it ranges from($1 to $3) pretty cheap, but it's not as good as the professionally packaged once, it's just the DVD, but it's still good, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Where is S&M? I've been waiting for some time to buy the original versions of all Rain's dramas! Buying from Speedy is killer expensive! Where can I get cheaper deals?

newmiyamoto said...

All of those discs are obviously illegal pirate copies aka bootlegs.

Anonymous said...

damn!!!!! that is so freaking cheap!!!! wow $14.70 for a box set, it's like close to a hundred over here in Cali...

Anonymous said...

Is the Imbi plaza still open in KUL? And guys, remember your geography-- Singapore is a city/country INSIDE Malaysia. Geoing to SIN is a short train trip!

This is no doubt the world's best blog. Thank you guys for doing such an excellent job!

//Vic in San Diego

Liz said...

Hi everyone, are the copies bought in S&M, Kotaraya originals? If they are, then they are really good bargains.

I usually stand and stare at the original DVD copies in Speedy because I can't afford them :-(.

The Singapore ones Orchid bought are original and the quality is really good :-). Yay!

Jacqueline Tan said...

Granted Hong Kong Video store at Sg Wang is one of the best place to go for first releases by PMP Entertainment but if you can hold on for a week or two, my regular video store just a short walk from Hong Kong Video store will sell it to me at a better discount rate.

Normally, I will wait ...

porcelain said...

I guess original would mean releases from Korea no? I guess that's mostly movies. I am not too sure about dramas, since they see it free to air in Korea and online, so am not sure if they produces DVD set in Korea.

Well,for us, Msian, the one from S&M the building next to Kotaraya, oppposite the arch from Petaling Street, I think they can be considered licensed copy. They come with the "ori" (original) sticker from our Msia ministry and you can find the tv station logo that produced the drama on the cover - SBS, KBS, MBC. Thus seriously in a way, yes these are legal product.

I am Malaysian working in Singapore. Occasionally giving in to the urge, I will buy the DVD from Singapore only to realize it is from Malaysia and the forex are no joke, especially before the price slash.

There are a couple of brands in Malaysia that are trusted from my years of "investment" in DVD, you can try PMP, Multimedia they are pretty ok. Just that sometimes they come with "sponsors" ad before the episode start but well that can be fast forward. They are cheaper brands but their subtitles are not that good.

And yes... Speedy is expensive coz perhaps a large chunk goes to advertising so for cheap and good DVD - S&M (top floor)/Kotaraya is the place.

Hope this helps! Enjoy ur DVD shopping.

Liz said...

Hey I really like this thread of information!

I've wasted half my live staring at Speedy DVDs because I didn't know there are actually CHEAPER original alternatives in Malaysia!

Darn, you Speedy, for being everywhere.

Orchid said...

Hey thanks guys for your recommendations. Both Liz and myself only know of Speedy.

Yes i like to buy original - which means they have the ORI sticker and not pirated products. @porcelain - not sure about Korean released.

So now we have options (in Malaysia!)

1. S&M top floor (what is the shop's name?)

2. Hong Kong Video store (Sg Wang plaza, which floor?)

@Jacqueline Tan, what is the name of your regular video store?

But both these stores are in the heart of KL. Anyone know if there are stores like this in PJ area? Okay if don't have it's still better than Singapore!!! =)

@Vic in San Diego
IMBI plaza is no longer the haven for IT related items if that's what you are asking. It's pretty run down now. Low Yat Plaza which is nearby has taken over.

You can check out the Low Yat Forum which is a really busy and popular forum! I am sure many IT fans who read this blog can tell you more about Low Yat. It's THE PLACE to go to buy IT products. Other places are like Digital Mall in Section 14, PJ, and shops in huge shopping complexes.

Singapore is not a city inside Malaysia. It's a separate country. Singapore is located right at the bottom tip of Peninsular Malaysia. It's a 6 hour train ride from KL.

Thanks all for responding. How come you all know where to buy the DVDs and never tell us earlier!!!!! :-P hehehehe

porcelain said...

Hmmm... allow me to clarify, regarding Korea release of tv drama set... I am not sure if they have it, coz Japan and US do have their own drama and sitcom set like erm... from Fuji TV or TBS of Japan or like sitcom/drama sets like Sex and the City, LOST, The Sopranos from HBO and Fox and etc... and in Korea it's such a wired society... everything is pretty much online I guess...

Even if Korea do have the box set from the respective TV stations, one thing I am sure is that is that it will be super sky high expensive... so well,I guess thats why a lot of HK/Twn/Sg/Msia take license and produce Korean and Japanese drama in box set for our localize purchase. Coz original Japan box sets from Japan coz anything from RM200 - RM400(coz it was in USD) when I tried to purchase online previously so I am quite sure Korea box set will be in this range as well. (That amount, I can get close at least anything between 4-10 box sets in S&M)

S&M top floor? I dun recall the shop name... the first shop after the escalator on your right is called Hiro Comic if I am not wrong and the WHOLE floor are populated with DVD/Manga/memorabilia shops so you can compare prices before u make ur purchases and yeaps making friends with the girls/guys help get extra discounts. They have member discounts priviledge as well. So if you forsee urself as a regular, signing up as membership will save u a lot more...

Sorry, nothing much in PJ area... but do check CD-rama(of Popular), there are at The Curve and One Utama(if they have not shift or closed), from time to time coz when they have discount, or if you membership card, sometimes its worth the buy... But trust me the trip down to S&M is worth it... even with rising petrol cost!!!

luvheart said...

I get mine from Hiro Comic.
They got shop at S&M, Petaling Street and Sg Wang.
If u have a vip card i.e. membership card (RM10 per year), u are entitled of up to 50% discount.

I think PMP & Multimedia are the authorised distributors for Korean drama. Same distributor if u bought urs from Speedy.

noV said...

best place to get cheap Korean DVDs for me:

1. S&M Kotaraya (all shops, survey the price 1st)

2. Sg. Wang Plaza (Hong Kong Video)

3. Comic Shop at Cineleisure Damansara Lower Ground Floor (i think it's Hiro Comic)

4. SS2 DVD shop (pirated but great quality, price around RM40++)

5. Sri Hartamas DVD Shop (Pirated, good quality, price RM60++, limited choice)

Coro said...

Yeah, S&M is definitely the cheapest place to buy korean DVD/VCD in KL. I've been a regular costumer since the 'winter sonata days' in malaysia. and that was like 6-7 years ago. They've been there for quite some times(moved frm ground floor to 3rd floor now), but frm what i see DVD box set are usually sold around rm90 above (usually rm120, wth english subs). Only the VCD box set range frm rm50-80.. and usually chinese or malay subtitled. i dont know about the chinese sub because i can't speak/read chinese so my alternative was malay and usually the subtitles suck! The worse subtitled ever was 'save the last dance for me' and the video quality is not tht good.. oh i wish i cud hv the eng subs dvd for this. it was a very good drama.

DVD set for rm48+ in singapore.. thts really cheap for me, plus a very good quality and eng subtitled.. I wish i cud buy them too :(

Orchid said...

@coro, thanks for the feedback. Yeah we make it a point to only buy DVDs with English subs.

VCDs are of lower quality and we don't really like it.

Rachel said...

Anyone know a good place to go near Chicago? I think I'll just have to stick with and
I know H-Mart has the dramas, but they're obviously bootlegs as they're $3/disc.

wawa said...

yah my friend did told me that we can get a very cheap price of DVD/VCD boxset of Korean/Japanese in S&M in kotaraya. but since i hate to go to kotaraya, so i never try to go there before.

i'm currently working in a recording company, so usually i just ordered any of drama that i love through our company salesman and they will buy it for me with 30-40% discount.

like the original price of Princess Hours DVD cost us here around RM189.90 & i bought it at RM109.90... (yah, it is still above RM100 but rather than pay 200 bucks). same goes with Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy, the market price is RM79.90 & i bought it at RM48++...

wawa said...

as the quality of the DVD/VCD, i think PMP entertainment has the best quality compare to other distributor. i never really had any problem with VCD/DVD that i bought from PMP entertainment.

but since usually, there's only 10 bucks different between the VCD & DVD boxset, better buy the DVD aite??

@liz, yah sometimes we do feel like speedy is too way expensive. but the price was set by the PMP and not speedy. but i think for the shops @ S&M, i think they got a special deal with all the distributor to sell cheaper. by selling around RM75, they still make a profit. the production of a DVD boxset with 6 discs actually can only cost not more RM60... but selling cheaper, the S&M shops earned the commission lesser than what speedy/video ezy earned!

Liz said...

Hi wawa, yeah I remember that the Coffee Prince boxset is selling at almost RM200!!! So expensive.

It's good to know that we have new alternatives now. I rarely go to Kotaraya too...but now will make time to go there...someday :-).

amy_meteorgdn said...

Dear K-popped sisters,

If you go to S&M @ 3rd floor, there's a lot of CD/VCD/DVD shop there. Compare the price first, because different shops offer different prices. Also they have original & pirated CD/VDC/DVD too.

Or you might wanna visit "My Heaven".. Hero Comic World @ Petaling Street/Jalan Sultan/S&M.
Apply the VIP card for only RM10/year which entitles you for 10% discount for normal price item.

Or for certain CD/VCD/DVD you will get 20-40% discount plus this a redeem card.

For every RM30 purchase from the shop you are entitle for a stamp chop. Upon completion of 30 stamp chopped, you can redeem any thing from the shop value of RM50.

amy_meteorgdn said...

Okay.. "My Heaven" is not a shop name! It refers to Comic Hero shop by a friend.. because there's a lot of Korean dramas & movies there.. so that's why we called "My Heaven" KEKE

alchocoholic said...

Hey all... just to add a lil bit more info to what I and some of you have said earlier. There is a Hong Kong Video Store in Sg Wang and also in S&M but if you were to go to the one in Sg Wang, they offer 20% discount to members while the one in S&M only offers 10%. Don't be fooled by this!! Go to the one in S&M and skip the sg wang shop. The reason why they offer 20% is becoz they raise the prices and even after the discount, it comes up to be more expensive. Don't ask me why that is but take my word for it, I've spent close to rm6000 on kdramas alone at HK Super Video so I have some inside info hehe. Plus, I've never liked the Sg Wang shop... everytime I go with my mum, we spend more than rm1000 but they have never given us extra discounts! The ppl in the S&M outlet are way better. Just remember to make friends to get extra discount in the future :)

To orchid and everyone else, if u plan to buy kdramas from S&M and u depend on english subs to watch kdramas, NEVER EVER buy those kdramas that have been released by China. They are CRAZY cheap but you're better off throwing your $ down the gutter because you won't be able to understand the subs at all. Stick to PMP or Multimedia and you should be fine. Some of the subs aren't perfect but they're way better than anything else u can get in malaysia. Oh, but don't buy All About Eve or My Love Patzzi from PMP... they ripped the english subs off a china dvd so the subs suck. You're better off downloading these 2.

The kdramas you find in speedy, jusco, carrefour can all be found in S&M so you know they're original. Never buy kdramas or movies from the 3 aforementioned shops, they're soooooo expensive there! The selection in S&M is way better too. The easiest way to go to S&M (at least for me) is to park at pasar seni and walk to S&M (about 5 mins). Or you can just take the LRT to pasar seni.

Please let me know if you need anymore info or help :) I love your blog and you've entertained me for hours on end so I'd be glad to help you guys out :)

Orchid said...

alchocoholic & amy_meteorgdn

Thank you for the good advice.

@alchocoholia - you and your mom must be hard core drama supporters. Spending up to RM6000 on dramas. Do you watch the Hong Kong dramas as well?

Okay, taking the public tranport and stopping at the Pasar Seni LRT station is certainly an option!

And ya i am scared of those Korean dramas/movies released in China. Cos the English subs are translated from Mandarin and are horrendous!

wawa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wawa said...

owh, i just realised that the korean drama boxset in singapore is cheaper than m'sia but the korean movie is more expensive compare to m'sia???

@orchid, when it comes to subtitles, i always have this thought that they can sell the boxset very expensive but why can't they find a person that can do subs very well...lately i rewatched my very first korean boxset, Winter Sonata. i was like laughing when i read all the grammar mistakes of bahasa... hahaha! but now PMP's subs is getting better and acceptable but other distributor noooo... i bought the DVD 'Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy' & i can't stand with all the wrong grammar & direct translation of bahasa. so i got no choice to just switch to English subs...grrrr! if i have to list all the mistakes that they made, i think it will be like 3-4 pages...

fanchanwu said...

well i would be cheaper if you go to Vietnam and buy some Korean Drama, it just about 4$ 1 set ^.^ .....

laurie01 said...

If there are cheaper dvds available in Korea, perhaps instructional dvd’s industry would gain less and quality must be very poor.

michelle said...

Can someone help me I'm travelling to Singapore, vn and Malaysia. Can u tell the places where I could get kdramas in the above countries I've listed. Also does anyone know where to get k pop music CDs posters and merchandise. And btw how can I tell wat is fake and real DVDs I'mso confused. I'm leaving in 2 days, so please reply asap.
Reply to my email asap, bit desperate,

Thankyou do much love mm


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