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Pops in Seoul celebrates 10th anniversary in Manila

And K-popped! has the lowdown on the event, thanks to Lemonade Lagoon who shared with us a first-hand account of the celebration on July 5. Read on to find out what happened!

Celebration: About 4,000 Filipinos
turned up for the event

VJ Isak surprises Filipinos

Arirang TV's popular music program Pops in Seoul went to Manila, the Philippines to celebrate its 10th anniversary as well as film its 1,000th episode.

About 4,000 K-pop fans turned up for the free event, half of which were made up of Cassiopeia Philippines. It was very easy to spot them as they were all decked out in TVXQ's official colour - red.

Cassiopeias: TVXQ supporters say "hi" to the camera

VIPs: Big Bang supporters show some lurve

Lemonade Lagoon (LL) said: "The place was so packed that the only vacant “seats” left was the stairs. We ended up sitting on the steps next to the E.L.Fs (Super Junior fans).

"I thought it would be a hassle but it actually proved to be advantageous for me because even if we were a bit far from the stage, I had enough space to move around, take decent pictures, and breathe some oxygen - which was clearly lacking in that place!"

Host of the program, VJ Isak started the celebration by belting out Christina Aguilera's I Turn to You. Isak, who was formerly part of the singing duo Isak N Jiyeon, then launched into the usual PR rapport of thanking the audience for their love and support. The 23-year-old VJ then dropped a surprise on the audience.

"VJ Isak said that she and the rest of her Pops in Seoul crew prepared a special surprise for the Filipino fans. What’s the surprise? A video message from Korea’s top popstars!," LL recalled.

"I swear, I thought there was an earthquake. I couldn’t remember anymore all (the) artists that were in the video because my brain was rattled by 4,000 screaming and jumping fangirls (laughs).

“A lot of K-Pop stars sent their love but I only remembered seeing Jun Jin (Shinhwa), Wonder Girls (or maybe it was SNSD?!), SS501, Super Junior and TVXQ," she added.

Message: Of course we can see you, guys!

Exclamation: Why, thank you, you're not so bad yourself ;-)

Since LL was seated near the Super Junior fans, pandemonium erupted when the mega boyband (soon to make its way to Malaysia) appeared onscreen. LL insisted that she is now deaf in her right ear after a SuJu fan girl next to her let out an earth-shattering, high-pitched scream.

In the video message, SuJu said they are "already making plans to go to the Philippines."

Guest singer Evan

Formerly of Click-B, Evan took centre stage for his song entitled Men Are Also Helpless. The 25-year-old then sang two other songs, including Marroon 5's This Love.

Feelin' helpless: Evan sings his heart out (above & below)

Filipinos surprise VJ Isak & Evan

An anniversary celebration wouldn't be complete without a cake, right? So to celebrate Pops in Seoul's 10th year in the business, a cake was brought out onstage.

When VJ Isak asked everyone to sing Happy Birthday, the Filipino fans startled both VJ Isak and Evan by singing the Korean version of the song - Saengil Chukkahamnida (생일 축하합니다).

A surprised Evan responded with "I didn't know you guys could speak good Korean!"

생일 축하합니다: Everyone wants a piece of the cake

Suprised: 'Let's quit gossiping in Korean, Evan.
They know what we're saying.'

After a session of Q&A with VJ Isak and Evan and activities with the fans, the celebration came to a close with Isak singing Rihanna's Umbrella...ella...ella...ella ;-).

To sum up her experience, LL said: "It was a really fun day and we got to meet a lot of K-Pop fans, which is always good. I hope major entertainment companies like SM, YG, and DSP get to see this episode so they would know that they are getting plenty of love here in the Philippines.

"And when I lose my other ear to a screaming fan girl, hopefully it’s because we are watching our favourite K-Pop artists LIVE," she added.

Evan! Evan! Evan!: Fan girls fawn over the singer

Source & Pics credit: K-popped! reader Lemonade Lagoon (of course)

VJ Isak and Evan head to Manila
Pops in Seoul in the Philippines on July 5
Pops in Seoul goes to Manila for 1,000th episode


jehan said...

oh, i would have been here if i wasnt in baguio processing my intermarriage documents (intermarriage procedures are harder after you get married. but my [korean] hubby said Korean-Filipino procedures is a lot better compared to other countries)..

i guess there were also lots of foreign fans there? i would have loved screaming with them....

belle said...

omg. i didnt expect people to come! yay! =)

it looks like tons of fun! ^^

Orchid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Orchid said...

Thanks Lemonade Lagoon. Nice pics too. To those who went, hope y'all had fun! (^o^)V

brian said...

Is that Isak chick a good singer?

mackers said...

I regret for not coming to the Pops in Seoul Event. :| I'm just a one and a half hour plane ride away from Manila! T_T

lolahmo said...

isak is kinda fat, isn't she. i hope she sang better..

and i cant believe people actually said that the evan guy was gorgeous.. NOT!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lemonade Lagoon... thank you for the post about Pops in Seoul in Manila, i've been there, too. And i remembered VJ Isak sang Christina Aguilera's "I Turn To You" and not "Beautiful". Anyways, maybe I was the one seated next to you and screamed that earth-shattering, high-pitched scream, lol! Thank you, LL! Good Day!

Hannah P. said...

Hey liz! I see somebody beat me to telling you what happened at the pops in seoul event.hehe! but that's okay, i know many of them knew about the event because they read your blog. We are so forever grateful.

btw, i second what anonymous said, Isak sang I Turn to You and not Beautiful at the beginning.

But yeah, she's great and Evan too. I do hope this event will be start of Korean singers coming to the Philippines.

Thank you really! *hugs*

charming_khalela said...

I just want to say I was there and was astonished by the number of k-pop fans who attended the event. It was fun even though short..
Too bad I didn't win any signed posters or cd's :(

lemonade lagoon said...


Oops sorry about the whole VJ Isak thing (She sang "I Turn To You" and not "Beautiful" My bad >__<).

The pics turned out well after all. Considering that I wasn't anywhere near the stage. :D

Liz said...

Hello all, lemonade lagoon once again, thanks for the information. Don't worry about the tiny mistake, I will make the correction :-). Thanks everyone, who pointed out the error :-).

hannah p. I'm really happy the event turned out so well and that you enjoyed yourselves! Cassiopeia Philippines' presence was noticed! Good on you guys! *applauds*

Go hallyu!

Anonymous said...

That concert look so much funa nd a bid success!! I just hoped I was there and could have seen them perform...and also see the video! I hope this is a step for koreans to travel to the philippines and see all their fans! Oh SUJU is coming? Oh that would be great!! But I won't be there =[ I really wish I was there!!
To all who went im glad u all had fun and thank you LL for the informations!!I really appreciate it~ hwaiting~

Nie <3 v(^-^)v

LittleStar said...

The event was bleeding RED!!! Yey for cass ph! <3 Thanks for organizing it and we hope for more events from you in the future!

sheela said...

wah!! those are my Barbies!! KIM, JAZZ, EMPEE, PAULA and DENDEN..where was I during that time? waah!! haha!!
we got a lil bit disappointed not seeing BIGBANG on the VTR T__T but we had a lot of great time..yey!! its all wothe it..woooh!


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