Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Jewelry in Bali for Star Photo

The One More Time singers were in Bali, Indonesia to snap pictures for Star Photo.

I like the group shot, they don't look like they are trying too hard there :-).

Jewels: (l-r) Park Jung-ah, Ha Ju-yeon, Seo In-young
and Kim Eun-jung

After sunset: Ha Ju-yeon believes that
less is more

Maybelline chick: Seo In-young's top is a
little too floppy

Hard Rock: Ha Ju-yeon is undoubtedly in
Hard Rock Hotel Bali. I know because we! were! there!

Frolic: Seo In-young tests the water


Orchid said...

That first group shot is the best photo i've seen Seo In-young in!

Miss Manderley said...

wow. they actually look decent in the first pic

Valerie said...

yeah, their group photo looks great. park jung ah's hair works for her.
i'm not really feeling seo in young's solo pic. partially because of the hair. her cosmo shoot was really seksi.


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