Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Rain promises special album for Asian fans by year end

To all my fans: 'I'm coming...back.'

The Energizer Bunny is at it again - work.

After wrapping up filming Ninja Assassin in Berlin, Germany, the 26-year-old singer/actor/workaholic announces on an OBS network program that he'll be releasing an "Asia special album" by year end.

Rain's upcoming album will be scrutinised as it will be his first without super-producer/mentor JYP, who is also known as the The Asian Soul.

I hope the songs are good and not forgettable like that Any Dream track he penned for Samsung Anycall.

Bi has been away from his fans for a long time to pursue his ambition of world domination crossing over to the United States.

However, some lucky fans will be seeing Rain very soon since he will be holding a fan meeting in South Korea on July 27.

Source: edaily

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noV said...

special album? not interested...

Anonymous said...

Bi promises a lot. He promised an English album 3 years ago. So I'll believe it when I see it!

vanessa said...

i guess that english album won't be coming any time soon. maybe that's being pushed back (again) to when ninja assassin is out?

shinta said...

wow I'm excited..definitely grabbing one!!

Orchid said...

i wish someone could send me to the fan meeting in South Korea... ;-)

Anyone reading this blog going for the fan meet?

itsRaining said...

bi should be awarded "the busiest bee in korea"

jas said...

Oh, I'm definitely intersted. Can't wait to listen to new songs. Heck, my player is getting tired playing the same Rain songs over and over.

Btw, the Anydream song was actually good. Not great, but not also poor.

I think it just lacked the strong beats. All JYP songs have strong beats, which is good for the song. If you have the translation of the song, you will see that it actually makes more sense than JYP's lyrics.

Anonymous said...

I prefer him singing in Korean. His voice was terribly weak in Kung Fu Fighting. If he can sing in English, sounding like he does on Familiar Face, then I say, yes, go ahead with the English album. If he can't, he should stick with Korean.

I wonder about his new album ... I am not keen on listening to 10 Any Dream type of songs.

Lyrics aren't as important as a strong beat or hook.

Fanmeet should be fun except that he will sing the same songs again. He has been singing Instead of Saying Goodbye for six years.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above writer. And I love his voice in Familiar face too. Absolutely beautiful.

rainbowlove88 said...

Yah, I agree with most of the people here. I love Oppa, but then his songs are so old already. So sian. I want new songs from Oppa, but then he went and sing AnyDream, although like the person say the lyrics meaningful, but come on-lar, who listen to lyrics first when listening to music? Usually people notice the beat and hook, THEN get to the lyrics and see meaningful or not. That is my two cents.

Anonymous said...

An explanation on what rainbowlove88 said :).

"So sian" (commonly used in this part of the world) means "tired and boring".

Yes, Bi, you need new songs. FAST.


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