Saturday, 19 July 2008

Lee Hyori makes an explosive comeback!

Lee Hyori releases 3rd album and explodes into the Internet charts!

Even before Lee Hyori's It's Hyorish album was released, many were already talking about it.

The album pic with shoes covering her breasts makes her look slutty. The title of the album has "whorish" connotations.
Many were also talking and appreciating the teaser photos she released. When teaser images of her first track U-Go-Girl was out, it came under heavy criticism saying that it copies Christina Aguilera's Candyman MV.

Scenes from Hyori's U-Go-Girl MV

Well, the album's out! The U-Go-Girl music video is out and there are no scenes of Hyori in a nurse outfit that so much resembles Christina Aguilera's Candyman MV. I guess they omitted it after all that controversy.

According to U-Go-Girl became Cyworld's #1 Best Seller on 14 & 15 July after it was released.

Check our her performance on on Music Bank's Comeback stage on the 18 July. Lee Hyori performs Invincible Lee Hyori and U-Go-Girl! Check out IT'S HYORISH now!

Lee Hyori featuring Nassun U-Go-Girl Music Video (with English subs)

Both videos uploaded on YouTube courtesy of Coolsmurf.

Lee Hyo Ri Vol. 3 - It's Hyorish
Lee Hyo Ri Vol. 3 - It's Hyorish (Limited Edition)

IT'S HYORISH pops out on 25 July
Lee Hyori teases with 3rd album images

Lee Hyori on
Lee Hyori Creates Internet Mania with U-Go-Girl
Lee Hyori - plagiarizing Candy Man, entire album out!


banana said...

its surprisingly good!

Anonymous said...

She's hot!

Anonymous said...

She's such an amazing performer! Hyori totally ROCKS!!!

Liz said...

Wow, Lee Hyori rocks!

Honestly, I've never seen her singing (OK, I watched a video of Toc Toc Toc halfway once) and wasn't that interested in her music.

But I think she made one heck of a comeback. I'm a fan. Hyori, U go girl!

Anonymous said...

killer comeback WOAH
lee hyori you go girl!!!!
hot as ever!!!!!!


haj said...

love the mv! havent seen the perf yet- i want to wait until it comes out on inkigayo (cuz thats what i watch.)
I have that pink striped bra in the first pic!
Whoa! what is up with me and celeb bras??? (see comments for sun lee's evening gown presentation)

Anonymous said...

Hyori is still Kpop's reigning queen!!!!

Anonymous said...

she looks hot but the song isn't so good. i expected a better song

Anonymous said...

her performances have been awesome! even though i love "u-go-girl," my favorite song would have to be "don't cry." great album!


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