Friday, 18 July 2008

LG XNOTE launches ad campaign - Summer Days

Hallyu stars promote LG notebook.
Hyun Bin, Shin Mina and Ryu Seung-beom
at the campaign launch on July 15

Hyun Bin, Shin Mina and Ryu Seung-beom will be in XNOTE's commercial cum short film - Summer Days.

Fans of Hyun Bin probably already know that he promotes LG Electronic's XNOTE notebook (laptop). Well, you will be happy to hear that the brand new advertising campaign will include a short series called Summer Days which consists of seven episodes. Each episode is four minutes long.

  1. Morning After the Rain
  2. The First Day of Summer
  3. A Day with Loud Cicadas
  4. A Day the Summer Breeze Blows
  5. Tropical Night
  6. Summer Night, Summer Day
  7. The Day Before Autumn Starts
The LG XNOTE campaign starts mid-August. Keep a look out for Summer Days on the Internet, TV, theatres and stores (probably in Korea).

Okay, i haven't seen Hyun Bin in a movie or drama in a long time. This could be good. Hmm...i wonder if it will become big news in the K-pop world such as Anycall's Anyband or Samsung Haptic's The Haptic Saga with DBSK - SNSD ad campaigns.

Darn, i left my socks at home
Hyun Bin & Shin Mina at the
press conference & screening on July 15

Hyun Bin watching the
ad campaign with full concentration

While Shin Mina wished she was somewhere else...

Summer Days: The LG Xnote Trio...


inspireme said...

Shin Mina is so pretty:) Anyway she looks real bored at the event though:)

Anonymous said...

what a about branded entertainment XD

Anonymous said...

Gawd, Mina is still drop-dead georgous! How many years ago was "Pick up the phone", or "Answer the call" video out?

/Vic in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Actually, this isn't the same Shin Mina. The one you're thinking of is the World Cup girl. This one is a actress, not a singer ^_^

Anonymous said...


Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Shin Mina is so freaking pretty!!!

daisyjane said...

I ♥ Hyun Bin.

Binnie my love...

Dottie said...

Seriously who else rolls up their pants these days?

I mean, especially if they're celebrities going to a press conference? It's one thing to wear flood-pants but to intentionally tri-fold the hems of denim in this age?!

Fashion Police! Where are you when we need you?!

I'm a HUGE Hyeon-bin fan but this is just unforgivable.

Shin Mina on the other hand ~ beautiful.

I don't know who the other guy is. Sorry.


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