Saturday, 12 July 2008

Maxim babes of June & July

Ack! Sorry fellow K-poppers, I've been behind with my monthly Maxim updates. Why do I keep updates? For the K-popped dudes of course. Yes, I understand that we're deprived of a few things back home in Malaysia. ;) 

This month's Maxim's cover girl is up and coming songstress Moon Ji-eun (문지은). Some say the 25 year old has got Jeon Ji-hyun's hot bod and Hyori's vivacity. Really? 

Miss Moon looking like she's had a long night out on the town.

"Sometimes I like to frolic on rotting logs."
"You see, the mosquitoes don't bite when you're clammy and musty."

"Man, I need a bath."

Last month's Maxim babe was actress Han Tae Yoon (한태윤), also known as Yuni Han - former band member of Japanese music group  Brand New Biscuits and Memory Cats. Did you know that Chae Yeon was also a member of the Brand New Biscuits?

I want to see more Maxim babes!


sq said...

thanks! i've been waiting for the maxim updates, haha.

Liz said...

Moon Ji-eun's photos remind me of the TV series Lost :-).


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