Friday, 11 July 2008

IT'S HYORISH pops out on 25 July

lee hyori pink bikini
Sexy kitten Lee Hyo-ri in baby pink underwear

Ah...every hot blooded male is anticipating Lee Hyo-ri's 3rd album - It's Hyorish.

lee hyori whitesexy suit headphones hyorish
Hyori is my name, sexy is my game

The CD will come with a special photo album. I think this is even publicized more than the tracks on the album. Yes! You can be sure to have 60+ photos of Ms Lee Hyorish in all her sexiness. She specially flew to Hawaii for a photo shoot for this album.

2008070800226_hyorish green
Hyori whets your appetite as she releases these album jacket pics

If you absolutely cannot wait to get your copy. You may pre-order it now, at YesAsia! Just hit the links below to do so.

Lee Hyo Ri Vol. 3 - It's Hyorish
Lee Hyo Ri Vol. 3 - It's Hyorish (Limited Edition)

Lee Hyori teases with 3rd album images

P/S: See? Who says i cannot do a proper entry on sexy Lee Hyo Lee because i am jealous. I can! I can! Except when she's almost kissing Rain! :-P


bri@n said...

VavaVAVOOMM...i am a gonna order now!

noV said...

woohoo~ can't wait~!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! She is freakin' GORGEOUS!!! Can't wait to get my hands on her new album!

lynn said...

Hyori is so amazing! She seems to never age cause she's hotter than ever! Sooo can not wait for her comeback!!!

Marie said...

She looks great. I want those abs and those shoes! These photos look much better than the Cosmo spread (which, IMO, look like they were taken at a photo center in a mall). I would be jealous, but then you have to think about what goes on in a guys head when they think of her *shivers at the thought of dirty old men's minds*

Valerie said...

now i'm understanding why guys go gaga over her. i'm a bit iffy on the title though. hyorish sounds odd but might just work.

Anonymous said...

Wish she could change her title but Hyori sitll ROCKS!!! And she looks damn FINE!

serefina said...

Hyori is so awesome! She's got such a great body! Wish I could be that toned! Can't wait to see her comeback! Hyori Fighting!!!

zoomies said...

Hyori has got an amazing body! Can't believe she's even more gorgeous now than before! So excited about her comeback!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yipee! More Hyori!!! Just caught a snitch of her new song! It's awesome! Can't wait to see her perform it!

Anonymous said...

Hyori unni is the best! Can't wait!!!

hardyandtiny said...

she's a dog

Dottie said...

The girl's got a hot bod.

I've never seen her video or listened to her music and it seems that comments (as shown here) about her image and sexuality overwhelm everything else that she does and looking at these pics now, I finally understand why no one talks about her music/talent.

sassy said...

I don't know what you're talking about dottie, but she's got a pretty nice voice! It's better than most these days and yeah she does have a rockin' bod! Anyway her mv is awesome and her voice has gotten even better! Hyori Fighting!!!!


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