Thursday, 3 July 2008

Miss Korea - Universe Sun Lee and the swimsuit competition

Sun smiles coyly into the camera
clad in nothing but a yellow bikini

As Liz mentioned in her previous entry on Korea's Sun Lee's journey at the 2008 Miss Universe pageant in Vietnam, there was a swimsuit competition held on 2 July. The winner, walked away with US$2,000! Well, who did you think won?

Ladies in bikinis by the pool side

Look ma, no shoes!
Miss Korea, Miss Russia and Miss Puerto Rico

And the winner is....Miss Mexico!

Here's the top 5 winners for the swimsuit competition:
Mexico, Columbia, India, Spain & USA

Source: StarNews

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noV said...

c.o.l.O.m.b.i.a... ^^

Anonymous said...

Either they all have implants or theyre all stuffing... OMG Their boobs are all HUGE O__O

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meal said...

watch Miss Korea on video


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