Thursday, 3 July 2008

Rain returns to South Korea

안녕하세요!: 'I'm baaack! Whoo hoo, kimchi, here I come!'

After being away from Korea for such a long time, superstar Rain (finally) returns home and is all set to woo local fans again lest they go: "Bi? Who's Bi?"

The 26-year-old arrived at Incheon Airport at 4.30pm just now. OOooo, the Internet rocks, huh?

Exit: Rain, in leather sandals, looks for the
exit while his poor assistant is left lugging
two rolly bags around

Anyway, reporters at the scene asked the Energizer Bunny about the Rain's Fan Meeting in Japan on June 30, to which he replied his typical PR stuff of "happy to be together with fans", "thank you for the love" and "I wish the K-popped! Trio were around" <-- this one isn't real-lar.

Stop!: Fans pounce on the heartthrob for
an autograph...

Scribble, scribble: 'Mmm, I wonder what's for dinner tonight.'

Scribble some more: 'Maybe I should drop by the store
first to get kimchi?'

When asked about his future plans, the millionaire revealed that there will be a fan meeting in Korea mid-July, he's planning to release an album this year (probably in September) and it will be catered for his Asian fans.

After giving out autographs to fans, the Speed Racer actor then hopped into an awaiting MPV and was ferried home to his mansion in Samsung-dong :-).

Transport: 'Alright, I'm done for today. Take me home, dude!'

Source & Pics credit:

Rain in Tokyo Japan

More on Rain!


Orchid said...

These pics were just taken at Incheon airport this afternoon? Yeah the Internet Rocks!

Good news. Hopefully 비 will be able to concentrate on his Asian fans a bit now that he is home. Plus he can get his fill of Kimchi Jjigae

He looks so thin in that 4th pic.

비, 보고 싶어.

fraulein said...

Really? Ninja assassin filming is as good as done? I thought they were wrapping up only towards the end of the month. He's been involved, albeit heavily, for only two months, since the start of May til now. That's fast considering he's the lead actor.

Hope he " fattens" up soon.

He sure looks happy to be back at home

Orchid said...

@fraulein, he looks happy? I noticed he only smiled in that 1st pic. The smile.

Rooster said...

Oh yum. Look at those broad shoulders.

jas said...

orchid, from his arrival to narita airport, to the fanmeet, to here, he look really happy. Not a single forced smile from him. :)

Yeah, I could he could put on some weight. But keep the body lean and sexy. And get rid of the long hair. And keep the tan. Haha.

Thanks for posting. I wonder what's that gift he's holding?

fraulein said...

Yeah, somehow I get the vibe he seems happy.. but I could be wrong..

I'm not feeling those sandals

Anonymous said...

I love that body..

Valerie said...

he makes the simplest outfits look soooo hot.
glad he's back in korea. mosdef he missed home and is ready stuff his face with all his favorite food. watch, within a week we'll see a little pudge in his stomach from all the food he'll be eating. jk!

Rain-lover said...

I love you Rain you are the best

§◘장헤령◘◘bbvipz◘§ said...

Yay!! Rain is back!! cant wait 4 his next album... >_<
He's going to make 1 rite? lolx

jenny said...

yeah Rain is back....BANZAI, oh those cute smile... wow i just cant resist, he is free to wer any sandals, shoes , shirts, pants, why making a big deal? then you are not RAIN`s fans? are you... just love him just the way he is


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