Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Rain in Tokyo Japan...

Disillusioned: 'I rock the wig!'

...and he looks like he has a wig on. My goodness, is this the same Bi whom we know and love? Say it isn't so!

The person in the picture looks more like a "Miss Rain". The bangs ain't doing Miss Rain any favours ;-).

Meet the fans: 'OK, nobody moves, it's me Rain. Hey you, come back!'

On June 30, Jeong Ji-hoon held a free fan meeting at the JCB Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The party started at 7pm and many fans eagerly waited for the singer/actor to appear.

However, die-hard fans started running helter-skelter out of the hall when the 26-year-old stepped onto stage because they were shocked at his ultra-feminine appearance. The ones who had the stomach to remain then chanted: "We want Rain, We want Rain", all in denial to the fact that Rain was actually standing in front of them.

OKAY, OKAY, I made that last paragraph up :-P. Here are more pics of the Energizer Bunny.

Losta shampoo: 'Yes my CF fees have gone up because I need
to buy lots of shampoo to keep my hair clean.'

Fav product: 'No, no I don't use much hair products.
But I really dig the curling iron.'

Itchy: 'Darn it's so hot in here my wig itches.

Wave: 'Goodbye everyone. Thanks for coming and I hope
my hair care tips are worth your time.'

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki


Anonymous said...

That smile and those tiny eyes look like Rain. That hot bod still looks like Rain. But that HAIR....hahahaha...ultra feminine is right. Love your comments! ROTFL!

Anonymous said...

Did he get a perm? Argh....*runs and hides*

taebin said...

The reason why he did not attend the "Speed Racer premiere" at the Tokyo Dome was then his date with the hair-dresser in Seoul on 29 July?
What a donkey!

vanessa said...

omg. fix up his face a little more and he'd definitely look like a female. @@

corky said...

hahaha Rain is an ajumma ;)

love the perm baby!!!

taebin said...

sorry my mistake - 29 June!

Orchid said...

hahaha...i admit, the hair is a bit of a shocker and Rain is giving his antis plenty to talk about!!!

But if we can get past the hair jokes, here's what happened at the fan meeting in Tokyo.

* they played a video of Rain before he appeared (fans were excited and anticipated his arrival)

* Rain appears ~ poof ~ from a GIANT GIFT BOX

* Rain serenade fans with "I Do", shakes his bon bon and teases the fans

* Q&A session

* Cutting of the Rain cake

* Rain gave away gifts to fans

* Rain sings "How to avoid the sun" and disappeared back-stage
Rain appears for encore and he sang "Instead of saying good-bye"

For a list of all the questions he answered and the full fan report, go to Myjungjihoon.blogspot.com

fraulein said...

Giant gift box and bonbon shaking performance of I Do ? - I shld have known ; )

I'm guessing his stylist didnt know what to do with that mop he's keeping for Ninja Assassin and decided to perm it instead of letting it all hang loose. Messily.

fraulein said...

Sigh, he really needs a new repertoire. 'I Do ' is 4 years old and ' How to avoid the Sun " is 6.

Orchid said...

@fraulein, nice to hear from ya!!

Yeah i agree. Bi does need new songs. Poor guy. But he really loves the song "I Do". He keeps singing it!!!

Anonymous said...

please get a hair cut and get a new stylist.
wat was he thinking showing up w. dat his hair like dat?!
wat is he thinking not cutting his hair?!

jas said...

Yeah, hair needs a new cut but hey, they may be post-production stuff for ninja assassin that's why he still ca't cut it.

Whatever it, feminine or whathaveyou, he still looks good. And he looks happy!

Anonymous said...

he'll cut his hair don't worry...And it'll be headlines for sure..

fraulein said...

Hi Orchid!

It's our Bi no doubt. The same baby faced smile. But the hair..............................

Anonymous said...

Not that this is important, but something about that hair makes me think Shirly Temple, "On the good ship lollipop.." Heheheh. I can't help it..it just stands out! I don't mind styled long hair on a guy, but not so much when it reminds me of a 5 yr old girl or 70's pimp. But other than that, he's still cute It's good that he's somewhat independent and hopefully enjoying himself and his work.

Lee said...


Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of people talking about Rain's HAIR..HAIR...HAIR!! If you want to talk about hair look at some of the hair on the guys in the boy groups that sing and dance! Talk about some crazy hair..spiked all over the place, flowing down one side, but not the other, colors that don't belong on people...now that's crazy hair!!

Then of course there are the senior Korean actors that hair all looks alike...you can't tell one actor from the other except you know they are Korean, because they all do their hair that way...talk about clones.

At least Rain looks different!

Anonymous said...

Maybe people like the Korean boyband clone hair so that's why they don't complain...it's all preferences man. Some will agree with you, and some will not. Just because someone attempts to look different doesn't mean it's successful look. I think people tend to have higher expectations on those who want to be different because we already the clones will look safe in their familiar look.

Anonymous said...

i swear he reminds me with that hair of his co-star from A love to kill. She had the same hair cut. Rain please do something about it!

Rain-lover said...

Rain is sooooooo cute I love his style

joyrain said...

oh whatever.. RAIN IS RAIN... short hair ,long hair , curly hair, no hair its not a big deal, it doesnt matter at all... forever n solid to RAIN... wew!

oyrain said...

oh whatever.. RAIN IS RAIN... short hair ,long hair , curly hair, no hair its not a big deal, it doesnt matter at all... forever n solid to RAIN... wew!

Anonymous said...

the only thing that I have to say is that because of Rain I am learning Korean, watching different Korean dramas, in fact he has to be awarded for getting people loving Korea more and more and you have to be happy that he can do meetings just for you because in Algeria I'm only dreaming of him.

shinta said...

Agree with anonymous ^..

It's just because of him that I get so envious to koreans for being able to walk the same ground with him..and when someone speaks of Korea, nothing(or no one) else comes to my mind but Bi!! He's just the reason why I became interested in Korean matters..


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