Thursday, 3 July 2008

Song Hye-kyo hooks up with Stellar Entertainment

What? Who? So?

Well, Stellar Entertainment is a newly-launched Hong Kong and Taiwan-based talent management company headed by Malaysia's very own Datuk Michelle Yeoh, producer Terence Chang and manager David Tang.

Hawt property: Maybe she would be hotter property
if she loses the ugly wig :-)

Barely a week after its official launch, Stellar Entertainment announced on June 29 that the beautiful Song Hye-kyo has signed up with them. Congratulations!

I guess this means that the Chinese-speaking territories of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan will be seeing more of the Hwangjiny actress?

Back in South Korea, the 27-year-old beauty became hot property when her contract with Sidus HQ expired in April.

The LaneĆ­ge spokesperson then signed up with Eden Nine, the same agency that's representing Won Bin. Both talents are planning a more "active participation" in the Asian entertainment arena.

Kewl. Please remember us in Malaysia. Thank you.

Source: KBS Global & VarietyAsiaOnline

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1 Comment:

jas said...

That's not a very pretty picture of SHG. Girls, you can do better than that.

I hope she could succeed in whatever it is that she wants to accomplish with joining that company.


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