Friday, 11 July 2008

Sun Lee rocks Evening Gown Presentation show

Flowy: Lee Ji-sun shows off her evening gown.
Thank goodness it isn't an Andre Kim design

Now that she has overcome food poisoning (only after two days! Must be one tough cookie), Miss Korea-Universe Sun Lee (25) is firing on all cylinders and set to compete for the Miss Universe 2008 title and crown.

Check her out in the Evening Gown Presentation show on July 8. She looks lovely, no? Not greenish pale like how you'd expect one to look like when suffering from some foodborne illness.

Tent-like: 'Yes, it's actually very airy

What are the Miss Universe delegates doing before the big showdown on July 14?

They are busy filming pre-recorded segments for the event, rehearsing for the show, getting homesick and...word has it that some chicks are getting quite catty *meeowww*.

The claws have come out. That's no surprise, really, especially when you have so many beautiful (some bordering on narcissistic) women in one location for such a long time :-P.

Choreography: The delegates learning their
steps during rehearsals...

After practice: ...And take time to goof around after.
(l-r) Miss Ecuador, Miss Korea, Miss Malaysia & Miss Costa Rica

Hee hee, I wonder how far Sun Lee will go this year? Her predecessor, the gorgeous Honey Lee, has set the bar by being the 3rd-runner up in the Miss Universe 2007 pageant. Will Sun be able to fare better than Honey? Only time will tell....

In the meantime, you can watch the video of Sun Lee sashaying across the stage in her dramatic black evening gown during the Evening Gown Presentation show below. Enjoy!

(Sun appears after Miss Japan and Miss Kazakhstan).

Pics credit: Ines Ligron's blog & Levy Li's blog

Sun Lee down with food poisoning
Miss Korea-Universe Sun Lee and the swimsuit competition
Sun Lee in Nha Trang parade
Sun Lee @ the 2008 Miss Universe pageant
Sun Lee's a Korean Warrior for 2008 Miss Universe pageant


Orchid said...

She looks gorgeous in that smokey eye make up, black black hair, lush lashes and dramatic black gown.

Anonymous said...

what kind of a gown is that? she looks like a bat.

Anonymous said...

whoa, was miss Malaysia's bra hanging out of her evening grown? Miss Kazakhstan had an arrogant walk and Miss Montenegro (i think) looked like she forgot to stuff the bra area of her dress xD

Liz said...

hey kpop-rubba, I think you're on to something about Miss Malaysia. That sure looks like her black bra is showing :-).

Liz said...

OK, I suddenly remembered that I've seen Miss Malaysia in that gown before!

So I went to her blog and checked it out! Yup, she wore it to the Miss Wacoal Malaysia 2008 contest...and seems to like wearing it with her black bra showing. Check it out here!

Now we all know folks. That black bra you see on Miss Malaysia, it's from the Wacoal brand ;-).

haj said...

i've grown to like her, but i still have a problem with her nose :P
i like that sun's the only one with the sash around her waist, never seen that before
wow, costa rica looks so asian! its proabably her facial expression but still...

HEY! i'm wearing a black Wacoal bra right now! XD

Anonymous said...

somhow..i'm not digging ms malaysia's walk...she just doesnt have the X factor...

Anonymous said...

Actually, Miss korea is ugly lol..seeing her just creeps me up =X


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