Friday, 11 July 2008

Uhm Jung Hwa and TOP do the DISCO

Uhm Jung Hwa and TOP come together in style...

I was surfing and did a double take when i saw this photo of Uhm Jung Hwa (37) and Big Bang's T.O.P! They were both together on stage at the Mnet Live Broadcast - M Count Down music program on the 10th July.

Now why should i be surprise anyway? Since they call Uhm Jung Hwa the Korean Madonna. And if Madonna and Justin Timberlake (JT) can come together superbly in 4 Minutes...then why can't Uhm Jung Hwa and T.O.P do the DISCO!

Night fever night fever!

Yoohoo, do you like my yellow wig?

TOP raps in Uhm's D.I.S.C.O.

Uhm Jung Hwa, never failing to reinvent herself, struts her stuff...

View the music video now!

Uhm Jung Hwa goes back in time with her new number - DISCO featuring TOP

Pics credit:
Sports Today


itsRaining said...

i never realize that top is that hot XD

fieryheart said...

TOP look so slim now.

sophsheen said...

omg!!!! she looks so diffrent with green hair lol:)top is one sexy beast :)
i liked the number :) hott!

Anonymous said...

you know...she should have done it in english and had MC Verbal from M-FLO do the rap ...i swear this song would have had heavy airplay on international dance's not all that...but it is catchy


Valerie said...

TOP looks soooo hot!! and sleek with that new haircut.
uhm jung hwa's wig...not so much.
the song is really catchy. i like it!


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