Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Wonder Girls bid adieu to So Hot

Wonder(ful) Girls: 'Go on, Tell Me we're So Hot.'

The Wonder Girls are set to stop actively promoting their smash hit single So Hot in early August to concentrate on their next project, which is tentatively scheduled for release at the end of September.

In May, the quintet's So Hot blazed a trail to the top of K-pop charts and Park Jin-young's girls have been entertaining the masses with their tongue-in-cheek track.

Wonder Girls have been enjoying a fantastic run so far. Last year, the girls caused a phenomenon all across Asia with the Tell Me dance, and later reinforced their popularity with the sizzling So Hot.

Meanwhile, before the girls shed their leopard prints and head into the confines of the recording studio, they are set to hold a fan meeting as a gesture of love and appreciation for their supporters. The event will be held at Kwang-woon University in Seoul on July 26.

Source & Pic credit: StarNews

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Orchid said...

Korean celebrities really put an importance on fan meetings. I guess they do it to show how much they appreciate their fans, and to ensure that they have the support of their fans to ensure their popularity status!

daisyjane said...

I hope while they are at the recording studio they think up of a new fashion concept. Please bid adieu to the hideous leopard prints. It's sooooo Flintstones! Stone ages man!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you daisy! The song was hot, but I cringed everytime they came out in those cheesy outfits!


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