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Is Sohn Tae Young the right woman for Kwon Sang Woo?

When top Korean actor Kwon Sang Woo broke the news (on the 18th July 2008) to the press that he will be getting married to Sohn Tae Young (after a whirlwind courtship), K-popdom went into a frenzy with the revelation.

One of the most memorable press conferences
- dubbed the Love Release Press Con by fans

So many reporters and photographers showed
up to hear one man announce he's tying the knot.
This confirms Kwon's top celebrity status.

Rumours that the suave actor is dating 28-year-old Son Tae Young just surfaced and many were still speculating whether they were an item. Before the dust settled, Kwon called for a press conference which surprised the media, his fans and all who heard the news. Congratulatory messages and heartbreaks occurred all over the world.

Fans were especially shocked at the news because usually, Kwon would be sensitive to his fans' feelings and would leave messages for them about what's going on in his life and career. But not this time around. Kwon decided to announce his wedding plans at an official press conference, without even revealing anything to his devoted fans.

Kwon Sang Woo (32) getting ready to break
the news at a press conference

Naturally, this caused some dissatisfaction or merely the fact that one of the most eligible man in Korea entertainment is getting hitched, many nasty verbal attacks were directed at his wife-to-be Son Tae Young.

Son Tae Young
, a 3rd runner-up in the 2000 Miss Korea pageant and who's also an actor in her own right, has been linked to other famous men in the past. She has been known to have dated composer Joo Young-hoon, actors Shin Hyun-jun (St. Hobbo Oppa), Yoon Tae-young (hey they share the same given name), singer Tim and music video director Cool K.

Since she has been attracting and spending time with these famous men, opinions surfaced saying that she isn't good enough for heartthrob Kwon.

Kwon responded to these hurtful remarks by posting this message on his fan cafe:

These people (reporters and antis) never stops blabbering…I’m tearing as I’m writing this.

Is this the right way for these reporters and people to pass judgment about my wedding? Who has the right to judge my decision and about my wife?

Son Tae Young has suffered lots of hurt from the media. Her actions and past relationships are all laid out bare for all to see, but…

I have also experienced relationships and breakups. I’m not asking for you to understand and accept Son Tae Young. I just know that my opinion is the most important thing.

I, Kwon Sang Woo am not in love and getting married with a Miss Korea. I am really in love and getting married with a woman. I really don’t like the media fabricating stuff like she’s pregnant, comparing my marriage with Yoo Jae Suk, etc…

Money, fame. If you just look up to these, there won’t be an end to it. Let’s work a bit more, let’s earn a bit more money, let’s accumulate more popularity. There are people who gives up their love because of that. I don’t want to do that.
So is Son Tae Young the right one for Kwon Sang Woo? I don't think any of us has any say in this...except, the man who will be marrying her. And we all know what he thinks. :-)

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Muffin said...

I don't get how "fans" think they can control an actors life or how they get so invested.

Anonymous said...

fans who turn into "antis"

Liz said...

Poor Oppa, he has to defend his choice of woman whom he wants to marry? Tsk tsk tsk, fans.

Congratulations to Kwon Sang-woo and Sohn Tae-young! May your marriage be blessed.

pinky said...

Kwon Sang-woo is so good looking:) Too bad he's getting marries. Anyway, still gotta congrats them and wish them welll:)

marcel said...

@ muffin: answer, fans can be psychos
but let me say i was also shocked to hear KSW's getting married, since i've always thought of him as the most eligible bachelor in the k-et universe
& even more shocked to hear STY once dated tim, who i've had a massive crush on since seeing him perform live in SF & OC ~now that broke my heart into tiny little pieces

jehan said...

when you love someone so dearly, it really is hard to let him/her go.. sometimes we think nobody is good enough for him/her... that's just what the loving fans feel, they love him too much... but i know many are still happy coz he's happy.. and if they truly love him, they'll allow him to really pursue his heart's desire and happiness...

way to go KSW...

Gail T. said...

hi Orchid! when you said, "Yoon Tae-young (hey they share the same last name)" you meant "given name," right? i had earlier read profiles of miss son that lists the men she has dated. and when i first came across that name, i thought, "wow, wouldn't it be weird to date a guy that shares my first name?" i wondered what ms. son would have called mr. yoon. tae-young oppa? how about mr. yoon for ms. son? tae-young sshi?

Of course, a century ago, my name was also a boy's name. and an old elementary schoolmate's brother was named Gail, believe it or not.

Orchid said...

@Gail, hey thanks for spotting that mistake. yeah i meant "given name" or "first name". It's weird how you think one thing, then type out something else. :-) Corrected the mistake.

It's good to know that you guys actually REALLY read everything we write. (^o^)V

chrystal said...

aww, how sweet of kwon sang woo to protect his wife-to-be. although I'm heartbroken, I'm proud of him! way to go kwon sang woo! protect the lady of your dreams and have a happy fairytale!!

Anonymous said...

okay, i'm pretty sure kwan sang woo has dated a lot of women too so fans shouldn't be pointing fingers at her exes! really, what has gotten into these fanatics these days?! they're becoming obsessive psychos!!!!

noV said...

err... no? bcoz she's the right woman for me... huhu~

Gail T. said...

hi orchid! i miss a lot of things as well. it just so happened that i had read about her exes before. hope i didn't come across as overly nitpicky. :D i love your smiley face. is that a peace sign?

Orchid said... of course not nitpicky. yes that's a smiley with a peace sign! my korean teacher taught me. ;-)

Dottie said...

Public figures seem to forget that ~ they're for the public.

So don't be a celebrity if you do not wish to be discussed (for better or for worst) in public.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! i really hope that no matter what happens they will be able to get married because lets be onest he is not getting any younger and I am sure that his mum definately wants him to get married ASAP...aww i wish them the best of luck and i can't wait to see how their babies will look like...hehe

fraulein said...

His defence statement of his future wife is so sexy and sweet.

As a massive KSW fan, I cannot say I am not sad but I wish them all the best.


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