Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Yashimmanman Season 2: Lee Hyori vs Seo In Young Dance Battle

First episode of Yashimmanman Season 2

SBS talk show Ya Shim Man Man: Season 2 started off with a bang on 28th July with a stellar cast (hosts) and top notch guest artists. Lee Hyori and Jang Geun Suk were special guest artist for the first episode in this brand new season.

The most talked about part of the show is when sexy sirens Lee Hyori & Seo In Young (a host on the show) battled it out on the dance floor. It was at the opportune time where both Lee and Seo introduced their comeback album not too long ago.
They are in actual fact, battling out in the record stores too.

The new fleet of MCs helmed by Kang Ho Dong

You can view clips of Yashimmanman episodes on the SBS Yashimmanman Official website. No English subtitles though. The new MCs of the show perform an entertaining dance number at the beginning of the show.

* You need to download the SBS player to view the clips.

Pic credit: SBS Yashimmanman Official website

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Ya Shim Man Man (야심만만 )


miss_tree said...

i love kang ho dong in 2days 1night..
but i love eun ji won and seung gi more.. hehehehhee..
and this show's fleet of MCs is not bad either.
Mc mong's there.. mc kim jedong.. cute seo in yeong.. and is that jun jin from shinhwa?
wow..jun jin super cool personality makes me doubt he'll be a good mc.
wish he'll do well though.

too bad we only have KBS world in astro.
i was rooting for other channels to have their international channels too.. like SBS or MBC.
when will the time come??
but my housemate's been showing a silent 'protest' as i always 'conquered' the TV and it always stuck at channel 303.

Orchid said...

Miss Tree, you sure are "K-popped!". You know your Korean actors and tv personalities. So glad you discovered us and welcome to the "K-popped! Family".

You can also share and join in the fun by joining our group on Facebook.

Or subscribe to email updates!

-XioN- said...

woots woots~~ hope got ppl subs it.. love the show.. :D

Anonymous said...

Watched YSMM on youtube and Hyori totally rocked! That is one gorgeous woman!

Lina said...

Hyori unnie is so pretty! Love the whole look! Can't wait to watch the new season!

Lina said...

Hyori unni is so pretty! Love the whole look! Can't wait to watch the new season!

cameo said...


Valerie said...

junjin's a host! he's super hot.

miss_tree said...


you got that spot on!!
i sure am k-popped!!

oh, 1st thing i did yesterday was to join the facebook group.
my name's fizzy btw.

Liz said...

Hello miss_tree, welcome to K-popped! and our Facebook group! :-)We hope you'll continue to enjoy visiting us :-).

Anonymous said...

why does it seem that korean blogs have not been updating? is it in protest with what happened to coolsmurf? sad...

Tyler said...

@anonymous - oh really? I only visit this blog. Nonetheless, Power to the blogs! Yeah!

zoomies said...

So glad to see hyori on talkshows now! She's so cute and funny! I love watching her!

Tara said...

no one mentioned nick khun yet!!1 hes soooo cute!! ((the one on the very right ^^)) hehe im excited!

Anonymous said...

@tyler: i spoke too soon. they have started updating their blogs. yehey! k-popped is one of my favorites. i enjoy the witty comments and the depth of the reports, considering they are not even located in korea! i can't even remember how i got here but it has been good since :)

lucies said...

Nick Khun IS adorable! He's got that cute baby face look!
Hyori looks beautiful as always! What a cute outfit, I want it!!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry but i can't read korean
and the web you posted is in korean
so is there anyway i watch it
cause i don't understand a single thing
so if anyone can reply to this with directions that would be great

SeYoung said...

they should have super junior on their show more
i watch it only when super junior comes


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