Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Jamilya and friends play house with Korean bachelors

Three's company: Would you like to live in the
same house with these ladies?

Not one to sulk over her fav actor's upcoming wedding, Uzbek beauty Jamilya is set to entertain the masses in a reality program on Comedy TV.

That singing venture wasn't so successful, huh Jamilya?

In the clash-of-cultures series, Jamilya and her friends, who are also foreigners, will be living with Korean bachelors.

The everyday interaction between the foreign beauties and Korean bachelors will be broadcast for all to see, promising much drama, interesting situations and comedy. The target market for the program is the many hot-blooded Korean men who think Jamilya is a sex goddess.

Eye candy treat: Jamilya and her girlfriends.
I don't know who's Tatiana and who's Jenny. I'm guessing Jenny's the blonde.

Apart from the Uzbek model, viewers will get to enjoy two more eye candies in the form of Miss Ukraine Tatiana (21, from Ukraine) and model Jenny (21, from Sweden).

The first episode is set to go on air in South Korea on Aug 7.

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

Jamilya goes techno in Hate You Oppa


Anonymous said...

Maji? Wow, I bet some Koreans will be very tick off. (Just my opinion) Hmm.... So they are going to do like the American shows here? I guess the singing didn't go to well. I gotta see what this show is about.

jehan said...

for me, there are lots of hot korean women who are more suitable for the break...

Anonymous said...

not married and living together? what happened to our good old Korean values.

miss_tree said...

am so excited to find this site.
i never know there's a malaysian site dedicated to korean culture.

am definitely k-popped!

and not only i love korean entertainment, but their culture as well.
your site is definitely gonna be in my favourite list.

keep up the good work!!
be seeing you later~

Orchid said...

Welcome miss tree!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Tatiana is the blonde cuz she looks very slavic to me.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Finally I've found the perfect K-ent news blog.

Thanks for doing what you guys do and doing it big^^

I'm excited about this show. Jehan, if it were korean women the concept would be useless you see. I think the point of the show was Hot foriegn girls + hot korean men = drama... I just hope it doesn't cause any problems or get like shows here in America.


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