Friday, 15 August 2008

Bada slips into wedding dress

Elegant: 'O sole mio, sta 'nfronte a te!'

K-pop singer Bada uploads pictures of herself looking absolutely radiant as a blushing bride at her minihompy!

"I'm getting married...maybe after 3 years from now?," teases the 28-year-old.

Don't worry fans of the erstwhile S.E.S. singer, she's just modelling wedding gowns for a pictorial.

Patient: 'Some day my Prince will come....'

I think Bada is trying to shake off her ahjumma (aunty) image as she's been showing fans her sexier side. First with these photos and now with some charming pics of her as a bride :-).

Mischievous: 'Who are you calling ahjumma again?'

Goofy: '사랑해요!' - Love ya!

Romantic: Bada stares off into the distance while showing off
the big, white ornament glued to her head.

Classy: The bride steps out of!?
Hey, where's the limo?

Adorable: 'I like looking like a cute.'

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

Bada sexes it up
Bada carries the Olympic torch
Bada plays Esmeralda
Elle magazine party@Grand Hyatt Hotel


Anonymous said...

That is... a HONG KONG TAXI?????????

chajjye said...

this is undeniably shot in macau and maybe hong kong. the first pic is the venetian macau version. hence your hong kong taxi.

Liz said...

Yeah I think it is in Hong Kong too since there's a Peninsula Hotel there.

Other Peninsula Hotels are in NY, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, Bangkok, Beijing and Manila. One is opening in Shanghai in 2009.

carrie said...

Bada is gorgeous and has really nice figure too. Wonder has she gone under any knives.

zoomies said...

She's so cute and pretty!

kpop-rubba said...

she looks great (for onceA)

fraulein said...

Liz beat me to it ; )
I was about to comment the 2nd last shot was taken in front of the Peninsular in HK.

She looks good in these pics, not old and frumply like she usu does.


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