Friday, 15 August 2008

South Korean stars campaign for Dokdo

Clockwise from top left: Chaeyeon, Jung Shi-ah,
Leejin & Lee so-yun

"OURS - We must defend" screams the T-shirt on the 11 stars campaigning for South Korea's sovereignty over the rocky islets of Dokdo.

South Korea and Japan lay claim to Dokdo with both claiming a long historical and geographical connection with the two islets.

In July 2008, singer Kim Jang-hoon (41) financed a full-page advertisement in the New York Times claiming that the islets rightfully belong to Korea.

Now, he's joined by 11 stars who are lending their star power to the campaign for Dokdo.

Lee-jin, Lee So-yun, Ryu Soo-young, Joo Sang-wook, Yoogun, Chaeyeon, Jung Shi-ah, Bae Jung-nam and SG Wannabe members: Kim Jin-ho, Kim Yong-joon and Lee Suk-hoon donned the "OURS - We must defend" tees for a photo spread in fashion glossy CeCi.

The tees are apparently for sale in Korea.

Clockwise from top left: SG Wannabe, Ryu Soo-young,
Joo Sang-wook & Yoogun

Yes sir!: Model Bae Jung-nam is serious
about the Dokdo issue

Source & Pics credit: StarNews


zoomies said...

So happy to see Lee Jin again! She looks so cute!

kimunhae said...

Do you know of any website that is selling the shirt in the United States?

P.S. i love your site!

Liz said...

@ kimunhae, I don't know of any websites selling the shirts in the US. Sorry.

If there are readers out there who know, please help kimunhae out. Thank you! :-)


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