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DBSK's Hero makes the girls go wild:
Hero Jaejoong shows off his taunt chest in a black
unbuttoned shirt. Max (left) acts
tough as they perform in the rain.

Korea's mega popular boyband Dong Bang Shin Ki showed their fans an absolutely fantastic time at the SMTOWN LIVE '08 concert in Seoul last night. By looking at the photos, i wished that the SMTOWN LIVE Tour would indeed come to our shores.
Hero Jaejoong heated up the stage with his sensual dance moves and clearly thrilled the audience with an unbuttoned shirt, revealing his half-naked torso most of the night.

All five Dong Bang Shin Ki's sported new hairdos at the concert. They kicked started the evening wearing preppy school boy uniform-like jackets. Look at Hero, he looks so innocent here.

DBSK took their fans down memory lane as
they sang "Hug" - a song from their 1st album

Their new hair all looked fine, except, * Orchid cringes * Micky's sissy-fied lopsided bowl cut. What was Micky thinking when he let the stylist do that to his hair?

Take a close look at Micky's
sissy-fied lopsided bowl cut

Micky and Hero
(is that Keroro Hero is
wearing around his neck?)

Xiah waves to the fans


Scream! Arghhhhhhh 5 in the black
DBSK looking hot in all black.

Another one of Hero showing of his skins

By looking at the pics, Hero Jaejoong stole the show. And Micky...please do something about that hair!!! For more pics, go to Soompi Forums.

Were you there?

Pics credit: Newsen & as stated on photo

BoA, TVXQ and Super Junior share stage in SMTOWN LIVE '08

Gimme more DBSK!


audrey said...

haha..not only hero showed his abs..micky n yunho showed off their abs as well...

hotness...runs to get meself some tissues..

the jackets..reminds me during their Hug time..(dunno y)

banana said...

that's a kerokeropi

lolo said...

aaaaaaaah *screams in joy* The last picture is (not gonna type what I really thought about it..keep it PG 13 lol)*swoon* I wanna see the performance!

Anonymous said...

woahhhhhhhh... sexy to the maxxx... faints**

Anonymous said...

can't stop looking at Hero's bod o.O...*whoa..the abs surfaced XD!*

love DBSK :D~ just wished yunho would eat more though..he looked undeniably hot with the new-hairdo, but that skinny face...<__<;..*scares me*...& they all need a good rest,..SuJu, SNSD..Boa even, LSM's exploited them WAYY TOO MUCH with non-stop activities...heck. I think all Kpop stars need to have their break..them fainting here & there is not a laughing matter anymore..-__-;..Just saying..


Anonymous said...

Gimme more of 'em DBSK boys!!

ksw said...

Hero = Hotness!

Arin said...

yeah, yeah. agree.
all of them look just fine with their new hairdo but yoochun... erm..
erm.. I miss his so-called chicken hair.

anyway, just spreading this,
poprainbow is making a survey asking if you guys would want SM Town concert to be held in Malaysia.
click here to vote

Chazz said...

that hairdo is unmicky! haha..hope you can post more about the concert especially on Shinee and Super Junior.. thakns for the news =)

Anonymous said...

dbsk is so smokin hott!
i love when they wear the school boy outfits; it makes me feel like such a perverted noona.

wawa said...

yay... dbsk is so freaking hot!
weeee.. how i wish they'll come over to m'sia!
but wait, then for sure they are not allowed to unbuttons their shirt & show off their body... hahahahaha! too bad for malaysian...

Valerie said...

daaamn. they look really good. i like their new haircuts. i'm still debating on micky's. but seriously they are so seksi. especially jaejoong! damn! how tight is his stomach! they look really hot with short hair. ::sigh:: yunho you're so dream-a-licious!

비비안 said...

That uniform if i am not mistaken is previous first hug time one lor... i manage to take out the previous pic compare with current.. they totally change alot from boys to guys... from cute to handsome... wah nose bleed

As for micky... made me wan to take out my scissors to help him cut his hair... so geram niah ..

i prefer Yunho topless one... Orchid Shi.. if u see it sure u nosebleed.. lolx b'cos i already nosebleed...

Thanks for sharing those moment.. made me envy on those country which is going to have SMTOWN concert....

Max said...

Do they also kiss each other or they keep that for backstage???

Orchid said...

@audrey...u are right! DBSK was singing the song HUG from their first album & wearing those school jackets! Wah...u just sealed your Cassiopeia status!!!! ;-)

Orchid said...

Wah 비비안, u are also true blue TVXQ fan.

squishy said...

i would have to disagree with a bunch of you
i can't believe you called
micky a sissy ><

i personally think the haircut works well for him
i love dbsk no matter what
cause its all about their talent and personalities

hanang. said...

then *died*
i love yunho but hero, omg!


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