Sunday, 17 August 2008

Who will appear at the 2008 Beijing Olympics closing?

The closing ceremony of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing is exactly one week away. Yeah it's next Sunday, 24 August 2008. After a spectacular opening ceremony, i am expecting an equally impressive closing in Beijing. There are many speculations on who will take to stage on this very prestigious event.

The spectacular Opening Ceremony
of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Who do you think will sing?

Jay Chou?

Leona Lewis?

Rain? (Since he was rumored to sing?)

Wang Lee Hom? (Since he wrote the song One World One Dream?)

Taiwan based singer Lee Hom
penned the song One World One Dream

Since the next Olympics will beheld in London, word has leaked out that David Beckham is scheduled to appear in the closing ceremony. Media reports that the 33 year-old England international top footballer will stand at the side of London Mayor Boris Johnson when International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge hands him the flag for the host city of the next summer games in 2012.

During London's eight-minute presentation ceremony, Beckham is set to stand on top of one of London's red double-decker buses and kick a football into the crowd.

David Beckham, International football
star to appear in the closing ceremony

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and winner of MTV Asia's Newcomer award, Leona Lewis will sing a duet during the show. The London segment will also feature hundreds of dancers performing ballet and break-dancing.

Will Leona Lewis do a duet with Jimmy Page?

I hope Lee Hom sings One World One Dream at the closing ceremony. Since he wrote the song. Who do you want to see at the closing?

Source: efluxMedia


carina said...

i thought that the closing ceremony will showcase representatives from a selected group of countries?

the Philippines already has a confirmed rep: Erik Santos who was requested to sing two songs (1) I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly and (2) This is the Moment from the Musical Jekyll & Hyde

however, one might think that the celebrity performers would be treated the same at the closing as how they were treated at the opening ceremony: performing at the end of the show when people are already being ushered out.. it wasn't even included in the tv broadcast..

fraulein said...

I read on a Rain related blog that Lee Hom has been ruled out.

Rain appearing - still an uncertainty - though I'd very much love him to appear, just dont perform " Any Dream ". It sounds terribly flat. Then again, if he doesnt do it, he has to dig into his 2 /4 /6 yr old repertoire...
* shrugs in shame *

Beckham is a certainty. He was " sent " by the 2010 organising committee and he's such a cult hero in these parts of the world.

Leona Lewis - anyone's guess.

Jolene said...

I hope the heavenly king will grace the olympics with his presence....Zhou jie Lun~~~!!!

Anonymous said...

i read all over the place that Jay Chou was supposed to perform at the opening ceremony! I watched it like 3 times looking for him! LOL He better be at the end or I'll be P-O'ed... Majorly!!! GRRRRR

I'd love if Bi could do it but I doubt it. Jay Chou is so much more obvious.

wawa said...

beckham alone will be enough for me!!!

cymm said...

Why is Lee Hom ruled out? Any reasons given? Man, I was really hoping that he'll appear, like Orchid said, it'll be nice to hear him sing the song he composed.

Valerie said...

big bang!

Orchid said...

* lol * hahaha valerie...where did that come from?? :-)

Anonymous said...

No fucking way RAIN is going to sing. -_-

Maggie said...

i though beckham did soccer...?

Anonymous said...


I inferred it from this link :

Orchid said...

The rumours were true after all! I just saw Rain sing "Beijing Beijing I Love Beijing" along with Wang Lee hom and other Chinese singers at the closing of the Beijing Olympics!!!


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