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Gong Yoo attends Lee Eon's funeral

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Gong Yoo applies for special leave and
pays tribute to a good friend

In this very rare occasion, actor Gong Yoo is photographed while he is in military service. Gong Yoo attended the funeral of friend and Coffee Prince co-star Lee Eon.

Needless to say, Gong Yoo is saddened by the sudden death of a close entertainer junior and pays tribute to Lee Eon by dedicating a message to him on his minihompy (Monster's House), along with a photograph of Lee Eon taken during his Coffee Prince days.
The message reads:
“It’s strange. The night before you left us, I happened to listen again to the note you read on the radio for me to listen to while I was in training. So I thought of you suddenly, and I missed you, and I wanted to call — I should have called. I should’ve nagged you, too, to change that persistent ringtone. I’m sorry.”

Gong Yoo's minihompy : A picture of
Lee Eon during the Coffee Prince days...
Gong Yoo applied for special leave to attend the funeral. He arrived on the 23 August, around 4am at the funeral hall in Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital, Hannam Seoul. Gong Yoo led the way by holding Lee Eon's tablet, followed by pall bearers carrying the casket.

Lee Eon and Gong Yoo have been very close since their modelling days (both are models as well as actors). Both of them rose to stardom through their roles in the popular MBC drama Coffee Prince and share a very special bond. Although special leave in the army is granted for the demise of relatives only, Gong Yoo's army officer approved his leave application after considering the deep and special friendship between the two actors.

Gong Yoo appeared looking somber, wearing a dark suit and black framed glasses.

Lee Eon's body was cremated and his remains will be buried in his hometown of Busan.

Gong Yoo leads the way at Lee Eon's funeral procession

Source: Soompi Forums, Dramabeans

Pics credit: Starnews, SPN

Lee Eon dies at 27
Missin' Gong Yoo


Anonymous said...

bittersweet moment

wawa said...

haish...i was so happy to see his latest look yet i'm sad!!!

what a great friend 4 Lee Eon to have...

Dottie said...

Dear K-popped ~ I love you ladies and I hope you know but to show celebrities at funerals.

I don't know.

It feels wrong...


WeRHomeschoolers said...

This is still just so sad. Prayers to his family


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