Sunday, 24 August 2008

Rain at the 2008 Beijing Olympics closing

Singing Beijing, Beijing, I Love Beijing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics closing
From left: Wang Leehom, Cecelia Han, Rain, Kelly Chen
[Photo: Rainhk]

Rain sang at the 2008 Beijing Olympics ceremony. He was on stage with Wang Leehom, Kelly Chen and other Chinese singers singing and dancing to the song Beijing, Beijing, I Love Beijing.

So much for Rain singing at the Beijing Olympics a rumour!

Ajosshi Rain singing in Mandarin

Leehom and Rain

Below are more screen caps courtesy of Liz.

An-nyeong-ha-se-yo Beijing!

South Korean singer Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) at
the National Stadium (Bird's Nest) with Chinese singers

Bye bye Beijing. See you in London, 2012.

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shinta said...

Darn I honestly thought he wasn't set to perform..but I'm so happy he was there!! Yipee!

MsBibbles said...

Yay! I saw Rain on mah TV xD

Anonymous said...

rain was great
actually i thot he was gonna perform solo
but it was going well
so proud of him!

jas said...

He looks too happy. Hahaha.

raingoaway said...

Wang Lee Hom!!!

Rain is still fugly..

Valerie said...

he looks goood. he looks older and - how do i put it - more mature. as does wang lee hom. both dream-a-licious! i hope they play this on NBC tonight!

Diana said...

me and my sister just watched this now, and the whole time we were thinking the guy singing was bi rain...but thought it was impossible! he looked so hot!

Liz said...

Yeah J. Tune Entertainment lied. Don't know whether we can believe their "official statements" in the future now. Sheesh.

Liz said...

Oh with that said, fans rule!

Anonymous said...

the American network coverage BLEW. They acted as if Asian stars were some kinda mutant freaks and they kept the camera panned at the crowd/acrobats/instrumentalists the whole time the Asians pop stars were on stage. I only saw Rain for a flash. I HATE AMERICAN TV!!!!!!

I am still bummed there was no Jay Chou.

Orchid said...

@kpop_rubba...ah that explains it. We watched TVB the Hong Kong channel and it was okay. They showed us lots of the singers.

jas said...

@ liz

I think they made the artists on the show swore to confidentiality about them being on the show.

Well, never really trust 100% what his publicist say. Hehe.

jcgc said...

@kpop-rubba: Canadian coverage wasn't any better :( After hearing Bi and Wang Lee Hom performed I was so excited to watch the closing ceremonies. The actual broadcast didn't show them at all and there was only a split-second flash of them at the end when they were ending the broadcast.

Liz said...

@jas yeah I guess they had to keep that confidentiality thingy...or else maybe get sued ka-jillions.

I remembered a local reporter (at the MTV Asia Awards recently) asking Leona Lewis to confirm her performance at the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony and she said: "I can't talk about that."

Ha ha ha word gets around-lar, what's the big deal in announcing it?

If the reports on American and Canadian TVs not showing much of the Asian stars are true, then it would be in the best interest of the stars to create hype over their performance waay before the show.

Now, it seems like the Asian singers didn't get much screentime at all. So much for performing to "billions" of viewers at home.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Canadian coverage. I was actually flipping back and forth between networks. I expected the Canadian network to be more Asian friendly since Canada, in general, is more open to Asians in the media. I thought I missed the performance on the CBC while I was watching the American network, but now I guess not. Canadians did show Jackie chan and those other people and that one lady with Placido Domingo... I don't get why they left out the best performance!

daisyjane said...

Uri Bi was totally ON that night. Although he cannot sing Chinese that well, he did not show it. He looks comfortable with Kelly and Leehom and has arms around them when singing. That is our Rain!

Amino said...

oh i missed the closing event! is there any way i can see it?! =[


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