Saturday, 16 August 2008

K-popped! meets Kenny Sia

At the recent 2008 MTV Awards Asia in Genting, Liz and i got the chance to meet Malaysian super-blogger Kenny Sia.

What do you mean you haven't heard of Kenny Sia? If you are in the Malaysian blogging scene, you would surely have heard of him. If you have not, then head over to Kenny Sia's blog and take a peek. He is funny, witty and often includes political satire in his blog. 26 year-old Kenny also comes across as sincere and generally a fun loving person who simply loves to blog and share his experiences. He is the top Malaysian blogger and gets mind boggling page views and comments (in the hundreds!) in each post - the numbers that K-popped! (and i am sure other bloggers) can only dream of.

Well, Kenny Sia (who hails from Kuching, Sarawak) was invited to the MTV Awards Asia as well. Liz and i met him at the Pavilion in Genting when we were collecting our media tags for the event. Liz, who is not usually keen on blowing her cover as being 1/3 of the K-popped! Trio, was eager to meet Kenny Sia. He obliged to take a photo with us, K-popped! style.

Image Hosted by
My name is Sia, Kenny Sia.
From left: Liz, Kenny, Orchid

He was friendly and what struck me the most was that Kenny has a nice speaking voice. Maybe not as deep and rich as Lee Seon Gyun, but close.

Kenny Sia had media pass access to the red carpet area as well. How popular is Kenny Sia? When fans spotted him there, they started chanting Kenny Sia! Kenny Sia! Kenny Sia! That's how popular he is! There were shouts that he should be walking on the red carpet instead of being caged up with the press, taking photos. Celebrity blogger indeed! He is to Malaysia what Perez Hilton is to the US.

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Kenny Sia on!
When local entertainment site spotted
Kenny Sia on the red carpet, they shoved him
the microphone and asked him to say a few words on camera!

Kenny Sia kept himself busy on the red carpet fending off fans ;-), running around asking celebrities for their autograph, taking photos, giving interviews (as in Gua) and on top of all that, he was live blogging!

Image Hosted by
Kenny Sia spots a bloggerazzo and smiles for her camera

Thanks Kenny! It was a pleasure meeting you. We enjoy reading your blog too.

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Iris said...

Kenny Sia is such a great blogger. I have friends from overseas who read his blog too:) He is that famous:)

Anonymous said...

I think his popularity is just overrated.. how long will be he that famous? Soon, there will be a competitor.. and it wont be me for sure but its just the way life is..

Liz said...

Yup, it was nice to have met Kenny Sia :-). Ah, I missed the red carpet action when the crowd shouted "Kenny Sia". :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree that he's overrated too. Btw, did you hear about the sex scandal he was embroiled in recently? He cheated on his girlfriend (gasp, did you even know he has a girlfriend? many people don't coz he never says anything about her), by sleeping with another fellow blogger.

Be careful around Kenny Sia. He may come across as a nice guy, but in the end all he wants is to get into your pants.

kenny_my_hero said...

anonymous1 and anonymous2 Why are you so jealous?

Anonymous said...

you moron. who wants to be jealous of kenny? his fame has ruined his life. its so plain to see. well, unless u're a kennymoronfan like u. tee hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Blogging with one hand? That's a skill I do not possess. I have a hard enough time blogging with 2 hands.

kenwooi said...

WOW THIS IS SO COOL! Honestly, I would like to meet him too one day. Sometimes, reading his blog inspires me to write. =P

Anonymous said...

i nearly will be famous bligger as him. woah! hahahaha


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