Saturday, 16 August 2008

K-popped! attends High School Musical: The Ice Tour

Hello friends, guess what Orchid and I were up to this afternoon? We went to Disney's High School Musical: The Ice Tour show at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil!

Premium items: The box of popcorn costs RM10, while the
crushed ice flavoured with raspberry syrup (your choice of red or blue)
+ HSM straw cup
costs RM20. They were selling like hotcakes since
outside drinks and
food weren't allowed onto the premises.

I know, I know, there's nothing K-popped! about High School Musical: The Ice Tour, except when Orchid and I gleefully reminisced about the time we got K-popped! at the very same stadium during Rain's concert last year.

Ahh, look how far we've come...I get misty-eyed thinking about that night -- we were so close to the stage, we could see the sweat rolling down Rain's taut chest. Oh, joy.

Happy memories aside, here's a picture essay of what happened earlier this evening at the high-energy ice show. We did not buy the show's programme book, which was selling at RM40...or was it RM45? I can't remember.

But before we start with the picture essay, 감사합니다 to the kind person who gave us free tickets to the show :-).

Arrival: We take our seats and reminisce about how close
we were to the stage during Rain's concert in Jan 2007

HSM fans & family: Since it's the school holidays many
children made up the crowd

3 minutes: Ah, three minutes to showtime! Whoo hoo!

Wildcats!: That's the name of HSM's basketball team.
When I see the logo, I'm reminded of...Thundercats! Hoooooo!

Songbird: Gabriella (on platform) looks on as her schoolmates

Gettin' jiggy: Ryan shows off his nifty moves

Break it on down: Heating up the dancefloor on
ice skates. Incredible!

Ta-da!: And with that flamboyant move, Act One comes to an end.
Time for the 10-minute (I think) intermission

Maintenance: The two guys (arrows) were resurfacing the rink

Melt already: Our ice-crush "drink" wouldn't melt. So annoying especially
when we were so thirsty

Guardians: Ushers surrounded the rink (arrows) during intermission
to prevent ultra hyper kids from getting into it for a twirl

What Time Is It?: 'Summertime, it's our vacation'...
that was the only song I knew :-P

Spotlight: HSM: The Ice Tour team start their summer time vaykay

Holiday: 'Yay, let's go crazee, but mind the pots and pans.'

Skaters all: 'Thanks for coming to the show!'

Applause: Take a bow!

Goodbye!: HSM: The Ice Tour will be showing in Malaysia
from Aug 15 - 20. Details are all


Anonymous said...

Hmmm sweat rolling down Rain's taut chest? How did you see that when he didn't take off his shirt during the Malaysian leg? :P

Anonymous said... come u guys always get free tickets...:P

i can see lotsa empty seat... where r all those HSM fanatics...?

Anonymous said...

ah.. u guys always get free tickets.. damn lucky... :D

Anonymous said...

Michael Phelps is so overrated. Whoever made that or helped make that shall die.

varms said...

You got better seats than me!!! I was in Siberia seats again but I enjoyed the show very much!!! =) A treat for all HSM fans...

Ily said...

gals! i went to the HSM ice tour too! lol. i sat in the middle, lower tier. and the show was somewhat great yah? tee hee.

Liz said...

@ 1st anonymous yes, Rain unfortunately did not remove his shirt in Malaysia.

But there was one song when he had on a buttoned-down long coat with no shirt underneath?

Nuff said ;-) Hee hee...

Liz said...

@ varms & ily wah, you guys were there too? Kewl.

Yup,the show was entertaining and the response from the children was just great. They were so excited and adorable.

Anonymous said...

Liz, Rain was singing Sad Tango in that outfit. How could you forget!

Anonymous said...

Sad Tango was not in Rain World Tour song list.

Aigoo... anyway, his performance in Malaysia was one of the best, if not the best among all the stops. Taking off his shirt would have made it PERFECT.

Orchid said...

@anonymous, how many Rain concerts did you go to?

I only saw the one in Malaysia and it was awesome. Even though he did not take off his shirt during "Nan" & the rain scene...the white shirt billowing in the wind and rain, it was good enough for me.

Anonymous said...


Went to many many gigs :)


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