Thursday, 21 August 2008

Kim Heechul is more comfortable kissing boys

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Kim Hee Chul is afraid of kissing girls

Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul (25) revealed in an ETN reality show recently that he will save his first kiss (to a girl) for his future wife. Heechul expressed that he feels uncomfortable when the director of the musical Xanadu asked him to do a kissing scene with a female actress. But we all know that Heechul has no problems kissing fellow Super Junior member Sungmin on stage.

There are so many Super Junior boys that it is hard to keep track of their activities. Each of them are busy with their own projects and occassionally come together as a group which makes the fans super happy.

Heechul and Kangin have landed themselves roles in a musical entitled Xanadu.
In the ETN reality show To be Kangin and Heechul, you will see both Kangin and Heechul's preparations for the above-mentioned musical.

Xanadu will be playing in Seoul, September 9th - 11th 2008.

Kangin (left) and Hee-chul at the Xanadu press conference.

Source: Coolsmurf

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suju.saranghae.emily. said...

lols. he is so cute larhh. ^^

Ily said...

LOL. he was just being his silly self when he said that. God knows how many times he kissed his on-screen love interest in dramas like Golden Bride.
Hee Chul ah...

Orchid said...

@ily Maybe he really doesn't like his Xanadu co-stars and concocted that excuse! :-P

suju.saranghae.emily. said...

HAHAS. XD What a great excuse. LOL. ;P [just kidding..XD]

Anonymous said...

I agree with the title. He's saving a kiss for his wife because he's never getting married. He loves the peener.

Max said...

HA! I knew it!!!
A guy at 25 that never kissed a girl???
Hey, boy: be happy with your choice! Korea will understand that! The rest of the world already know it, so just another few people need to realize it...

suju.saranghae.emily. said...


What do you mean? His choice is his choice. It doesn't matter.

Jessica said...

Oh my. Can he just come out of the closet already? Also, lol @ kpop-rubba. Definitely agree with you there.


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