Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Kim Jong-kook holds fan meeting in Japan

Konichiwa!: Kim Jong-kook meets up with his Japanese fans

Happy: 'It's great to be here. Check out my
Dolce and Gabbana belt.'

It has been 3 months since Kim Jong-kook completed his military service - enough time for him to re-train his voice and grow some hair on his head - so the Kpop singer decides to show some love to his fans in Japan (hey, why not South Korea?).

The 31-year-old held his very first fan meeting in the land of the rising sun at the Hitomi Memorial Hall in Showa Women's University, Tokyo on Aug 24.

Kim, who is formerly from the duo Turbo, entertained his delighted fans with past hits such as Lovely and Star, Wind, Sunlight and Love - both of which are from his 3rd album This Is Me.

This is me: 'Uh-huh yeah, take it or leave it.'

The man who was once romantically-linked to Yoon Eun-hye did not hog the limelight. He decided to share it with newbie Joosuk. The pair dueted in the hit song Recollection.

Just the two of us: Jong-kook (left) and Joosuk received
a rousing applause when they sang Recollection.

In awe: 'Hey 'lil girl, you want the flowers?'

Domo Arigato: Jong-kook thanks his fans for supporting
Only Wind, Only Wind a collaboration with SG Wannabe

Stand in line, please: Fans get to shake the star's hand...
and hopefully get a piece of the cake. Gimme a bigger slice!

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

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lulu said...

He looks younger now compared to during his X-Man days.
Nice hair too.

o-cha said...

Thanks for writing about this.
I'm really looking forward to his new album in Sep. He looks good!

I know you mentioned why he didn't have a fan meeting in Korea. He actually already had a fan meeting in Korea (that one limited only to members of his fan club though)soon after his May military release.

jen said...

I love KJK.
I can't wait for his album.

Anonymous said...

Kookie looks handsome tho and very sexy.

I can not wait for his live concert.

I missed his performance. He's superb!! can't say anything he's one of the best even tho it's in Korean. As long it has subs, am greatful with it. :)

Valerie said...

he is looking mighty handsome! LOVE the hair especially.

Maggie said...

OMG! KIM JOONG KOOK!!! FINALLY SOMETHING ON HIM! he looks sexier than before. gawd, is that even possible?! he's in japan?! dude. yoon eun hye's in japan! coincidence? i think not! hahaha, sorry, i'm still hoping that they're together. a girl can dream!

Anonymous said...

KJK looks great! glad to see him back in the limelight :)

can't wait for his next album!

thanks for the news :)

Rose said...

Joosuc not a newbie. His a renown rapper.

Check out his stuff here.


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