Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Kim Tae Hee talks about her insomnia and language lessons

Kim Tae Hee spent one month in LA studying English

Kim Tae Hee just returned to South Korea after a one month study break in Los Angeles, USA. She attended English classes with her older sister and spent a leisurely one month riding her bicycle to class from her apartment in LA.

Tae-hee wrote on her Fan Cafe that she is trying to get over her jetlag and also divulged that her favourite song for the moment is Damien Rice's "Delicate". Kim Tae Hee (28) also suffers from insomnia and reads Mich Albom's "Tuesdays with Morrie" on the nights when sleep eludes her.

After a refreshing one month break, Tae Hee will start working soon. Looking forward to news on her next project.

Source: Cyworld News, translations at Hancinema

Pic credit: Newsen

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peepoo said...

man, i don't know why this girl annoys the hell outta me! i'm usually not such a hater but i just think she's so fake. she must have either lived on some college campus or her class is in her apartment complex cuz nobody bikes in LA unless they have to cuz they ain't got no other forms of transportation!!!

Anonymous said...

Love Kim Tae Hee! Not only is she incredibly gorgeous, but she's also smart!

blacksheep said...

hmm, i guess the insomnia wasn't that bad since Tuesdays with Morrie isn't exactly a long read.


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