Thursday, 28 August 2008

Moon Ji-eun does Star Photo

Aug 29 update: Here are a couple of Moon Ji-eun's sexy Star Photo pics. The images yesterday (after the two pics below) were taken in a studio to promote her being in Star Photo.

Rising sun: 'Great time to go for a swim in my ultra sexy swimsuit.'

Clear skies: Frolicking around in her
lingerie-inspired top

Moon Ji-eun models for Star Photo and I bet Judo Olympic silver medalist Wang Ki-chun would love the new pic below since he has such an appreciation for her tush.

Booty special: 'And this shot specially
goes out to Wang Ki-chun.'

Here are more pictures of the Fox singer hamming it up for the camera.

One More Time: 'No, no, that wasn't good enough.
I need to do a better tush push.'

Faux feathers: 'Quick take the shot,
I feel a sneeze coming.'

Buns of steel: Moon Ji-eun balances
on her right butt cheek! Ta da!

Cosy: 'I fit snugly in the sofa...I feel like Thumbelina.'

Hypnotic: 'You are feeling sleepy...very sleepy...'

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

Wang Ki-chun admires Moon Ji-eun's butt


Dottie said...

Ewww... is it just me or the pics are not really that flattering?

Nor does it bring forth whatever appeal she has.

Liz said...

Hello dottie, you are quite right actually. I think the lighting is a little too harsh.

Liz said...

Hello all, added more Moon Ji-eun's pics. Check 'em out!

observer said...

Wow, I can see her nipple in the second lingerie-inspired pic.

Anonymous said...

nice effort, bad idea. if i didn't google to find out her singing talents (?), it's easy to mistake her for a race car model/pin-up.


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