Thursday, 28 August 2008

Rain's My Beloved showing on KBS World

Yeah, I did a double take too when I was channel surfing the other day.

My Beloved
is none other than the Energizer Bunny's 2003 drama Sang Doo! Let's go to School (read K-popped!'s review here).

Man, why did they use that translation?

For those not familiar with the drama, Rain (pic, right) portrays a gigolo and single father who goes to great lengths to provide for his young (and ill) daughter Bori. He crosses path with his first love Eun-hwan (Gong Hyo-jin) and determines not to lose her again, even if the odds are stacked sky-high against him.

Would you like to check out the K-drama or re-watch it? Here are the details:

Days: Monday to Thursday
Time: 11.15pm to 12.25am (the Encore slot)
Episodes shown: 2 (out of 16)
Channel: Astro 303; KBS World (Malaysia only)
*In Korean with English subtitles

Special thanks to K-popped! reader Fizzy Hasan whose enthusiasm over the drama led to this entry. Will you be tuning in?


Anonymous said...

A MUST WATCH if you are a Rain fan!

Anonymous said...

He's really cute in the drama but I HATE the ending! ><

If he's a real-life gigolo, I wouldn't mind shelling out money for some loving - just like those Korean ajummas in the drama. LOL.

coro said...

Oh. I love the drama! I became a huge fan of him after watching 'sang do' (which drama boxset i bought just b4 'full house' aired bcoz of Lee Dong Gun. well.. 18yrs old bride was so popular back then.. never did i know i wud fall in love wth Rain. i dumped LDG just like tht :)p. Its hard to believe it was Rain's acting debut drama. He was soo good..

meiruo_chan said...

among rain's dramas and movie. i like him in this one. his acting is way better than in full house.

rose said...

He is the real artist in this drama.I like the role he is playing.His Facial expressions are very fine.

daisyjane said...

Yes i agree with everyone. Rain was really good in Sangdoo and moreover, it was his first shot at acting. His character in Sangdoo has more depth compared to Full House.

Anonymous said...

I really loved Sang do, great acting from rain!

btw, I just got Dish Network in the states and I bought there Korean variety pack which includes KBS World and Arirang TV.

So I finally have some Korean programming on TV!


Orchid said...

@mrkpop! Congrats to you and the rest from the States who will be getting KBS World and Arirang TV. I really like Arirang's adverts, documentaries and cultural programming. It's so tastefully done & modern!

wawa said...

the time slot is soooo no right for me! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Liz said...

@mrkpop, hey your Korean variety pack sounds better than our ONE Korean channel. Does it have the MBC channel too? Or SBS?

jas said...

I agree. Rain's portrayal as Sang-doo was just perfect. Not being biased here.

I cried buckets for this one. There was a time when I would cry just by hearing the song My Love, which was one of the main songs of the drama.

Highly recommended even if you're not a Rain fan. The story is different from all the other K-dramas.

i have to agree about the changing of title, though. Why did they have to change it?

Anonymous said...

y all of u compare rain's movie sang doo.... ????? emmmm.... i never read comment about others rain's movie before.... either ok or ko.... maybe this time i "have to" watch his movie.....

Anonymous said...

its a total of 6 channels, but only 2 (KBS,Arirang) have English programming.

The other channels are

JSTV, WOW-TV, BTN and Ongamenet.

the others broadcast purely in korean. BTN is kinda cool, its the Buddhist channel, all Buddha all the time.

its $25US a month, all so I can watch reruns of Sang Doo :-)

Lily said...

I've watched it before and I' watching it again.Rain is so funny in that drama.It's quite touching to see all the effort he did for his daughter.

Jae said...

I have dish too but I have the everything pack which comes with FREE KBS world. I really wanted the Korean pack but my granny would have complained about an extra $25 worth of channels she wouldn't watch.

I'm really falling in love with Rain again watching Sangdoo. I wish he acted in a drama like this again^^

marian said...

wow... i remember watching this back in '04. i cant help crying in some scenes. i love the storyline, Rain is such a good comedic actor here.

jicks said...

agreed, def Bi's best performance to date. him + gong hyo jin were so convincing.

and i truly think the ending was ending was perfect for what it was worth <3


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