Sunday, 3 August 2008

MTV Asia Awards 2008 - Super Junior, Pussycat Dolls, Leona Lewis, Jabbawockeez, Jared Leto and more

Story by Liz
Photos by Orchid

Hi all, now that the dust has settled, here's a closer look at the MTV Asia Awards 2008 Pre-show Press Conference on Aug 1.

MTV VJs Utt and Denise Keller were the MCs for the Marathon Press Conference (MPC) at the Resort World Hotel, Genting Highlands. Why do we call it an MPC? Well, because it started at 3pm and only ended at about 7pm!

mtv vj denise keller and utt
Foolin' around: MTV VJs Denise Keller (left) and Utt hosted the event

First up were speeches by the various sponsors, then the host of the award show - Jared Leto - was introduced/interviewed, followed by the unveiling of the MTV Asia Awards gold-plated trophy.

After that, there was a photo session before the mass interviews with the many artists began.

mtv awards asia 2008 host jared leto reveals goldbar
Ta-da!: Unveiling of the MTV Asia Awards gold bar by Jared Leto

Fashion faux pas?: Jared Leto wears the batik scarf
presented to him

Dance crew: Jabbawockeez with the MTV Asia Awards gold bar

In demand: Photogs love Jabbawockeez too

The Script (minus one): 'Aku cinta Malaysia.'
- I love Malaysia

leona lewis mtv asia awards 2008
Poppin' by: Leona Lewis had a less than
5-minute interview

Laid-back: Panic at the Disco decided to have some
tea while answering questions

Project E.A.R: A 12-member Southeast Asian collaboration
with Malaysia's very own Pop Shuvit

Yo there!: Electrico of Singapore is happy to be performing
at the MTVAA

K-popped! sat in for all the interviews except the final one with Stephanie Sun (Singapore).

Our beloved K-pop stars - Super Junior - only came towards the end of the MPC. They were the 3rd last artist to arrive, just before the Pussycat Dolls.

Hurray for Hallyu stars!: The smartly-dressed SuJu made
an impressive entrance

After seeing so many casually-dressed artists (some even drinking tea while talking!), the smartly-dressed SuJu members were impressive when the nine of them walked into the room in their suits. Some of us started clapping when they arrived ;-).

Happy boys: Eeteuk (right) is all smiles as he answers the questions.
Giggling away is Sungmin (left) while Yesung "controls macho".

Eeteuk (25) was enthusiastic and looked really cheerful as he deftly answered questions from the press. However, when it came to a question about Korean food, the eloquent leader decided to hand the microphone over to Eunhyuk :-).

삼겹살 주세요!: Eunhyuk talks about pork belly soup.
Donghae (right) contemplates the answer while Kyuhyun looks on.

The rest of the boys didn't say anything but smiled a lot, except maybe for Heechul who seemed to be catching 40 winks throughout the interview. Late night, huh, Heechul sshi?

Tired Heechul: Handsome Shiwon (left) and Ryeowook (centre)
pretend that Heechul isn't sleeping while standing

Finally, the Korean-English interpreter was OK - at least he was better than the lady at the FT Island press conference.

However, my gripe is that he spoke too softly and my recorder could not pick up some of his interpretation. It's hard to find good interpreters these days, huh? I guess I'd better work harder on my Korean then - not to interpret, but to understand the stars ;-).

pussycat dolls mtv asia awards2008 4445
Sizzlin hawt: Pussycat Dolls strike a pose at the pre-MTVAA
press conference
. From left: Jessica Sutta, Kimberly Wyatt,
Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Roberts & Melody Thornton.

vj utt hands mtvgoldbar to pussycat dolls
'Wow, what an expensive bar of Toblerone choc.'

pussycat dolls nicole eats mtv asia awards goldbar
The girls want a bite of the MAA trophy

Pretty ladies: Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger
with MTV VJ Denise Keller


sasjo said...

Still haven't had time to catch the show on MTV. Normally would give it a miss, but hey, this time, who knows, maybe you gals appear somewhere in there on camera! :P

audrey said...

OMG...they are totally AWESOME!~!~! all the all of em...especialy suju's dance performance..altho it was lipsynch..but the dancing was very full of energy n charisma..lee teuk even gave some "ahem" sneak ballad performance was live tho...AAAA>.those dashing fellows..*nose bleed* couldnt manage to get their autographs..SOBS
couldnt meet up with ya at the event..will do so next time ya!!!

leona lewis's voice.. i'm in awe..

pcd..oh my...would love to learn their moves..!~!~!~!

i realy cant describe my feeling now..just too exicited from it..

just came back from genting...thanks for the post ya!~!~!

-XioN- said...

the nite was awesomeeeeee~~~~~~~~ haha

Orchid said...

@sasjo, i don't think you will see us. MTV Asia is on again now!

roth said...

OMG! JabbaWockeez!! This is amazing!!!
Where can I watch it on the US though? I'm so sad ='[

Orchidyaldix said...

"I guess I'd better work harder on my Korean then - not to interpret, but to understand the stars ;-)"

Hahaha U are doing an awesome job already, don't worry too much about it...u had the chance to be with the brightests stars ever, our super junior boys hehehehhee

For real thanx for ur hard work, it's really appreciated especially from girls like me, who are living miles and miles away hehehe


Orchid said...

How come no one is a fan of Thai MTV VJ Utt? Isn't he cute?

Liz said...

@sasjo, yeah you won't be seeing us on TV since we weren't even in the Arena of Stars! We were at the Basement of a hotel nearby where the press room and photo room were located.

Yup, no "live" action for K-popped! that night. We watched the ceremony on big screen TVs.

I was in the press room (Orchid at the nearby photo room) and we watched the whole award ceremony on TV.

And when winners walked in for their post-win interviews, the volume of the TV was turned down.

I had to sneak out of the room to watch SuJu perform because at that time, Fav Artist Hong Kong - Leo Ku came in for an interview.

@ Orchidyaldix: Ah, you made my day. It's nice to have our hard work appreciated. *kimchi kiss*

@ Orchid: Now that you mentioned it, I see it. MTV VJ Utt does look a little like Keanu Reeves. Should've hugged him then. Aiyah :-P.


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