Sunday, 3 August 2008

Super Junior on the Red Carpet (2008 MTV Awards Asia)

Okay, here it is, fans of Super Junior...this is for you. A blow by blow of what happened on the Red Carpet when 11 of them arrived at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards in Genting, Malaysia! At the ceremony, they won the Favorite Artist of Korea award.

Of course those of you who were there could chip in and give an account in our comments section. Did anyone of you get their autographs? Or perhaps a kiss on the cheek by the handsome oppas?

Super Junior arrived on the Red Carpet right after the Pussycat Dolls. Before i could even catch my breath after all the excitement, SuJu walked up like so...

suju arriving on the red carpet
Super Junior arrives at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards -
all dressed in black & white. Dashing Shiwon in all
black (with V-necked shirt) and Eeteuk was in front.

eeteuk spots k-popped photographer
Eeteuk says "Look Shiwon, isn't that Orchid from K-popped!?"

suju shiwon is surprised red carpet
Orchid waves back "Annyeong handsome oppa" :-)

After that brief interlude, it's back to business on the Red Carpet and leader Eeteuk lines the guys up for a group photo.

suju all in a row
Eeteuk rounds up the group while Eunhyuk thinks
Shiwon looks great and gives him a thumbs up. ;-)

They decide to do their signature move and Eeteuk shouts "We are Super Junior!"

super junior arrives at the mtv asia awards 2008
우리 슈퍼주니 - 어!

heechul shows the peace sign
Heechul (far left), usually out of sync with the rest rebels and
shows a peace sign instead. Kangin doesn't look happy and
hasn't smiled since he walked up the Red Carpet.

After posing for a bit, the boys paused for awhile (maybe because Pussycat Dolls were further in front), and didn't quite know what to do. They were looking around and absorbing the atmosphere. Fans were screaming on their left (very loud okay!), photogs were clicking away on their right.

It was at this point that i screamed at the top of my lungs "Shindong! 여기 보세요. 여기 보세요!" (Shindong! Look here. Look here!). He heard me, and turned to pose. Ryeowook joined him too!

shindong ryeowook super junior red carpet mtv asia awards 2008
Kamsahamnida! :-)

After that shot, they still had not moved on. Hmmm...what should i do next? Should i try to make the moody-looking Kangin smile? Why not? And so I called out "Kangin! 여기 보세요!". I was so happy when my attempt at communicating on the Red Carpet worked and Kangin turned and cracked a smile into my camera.

kangin finally smiles on the red carpet
Kangin smiles a bit after some prompting

super junior fans on the red carpet
Super Junior fans cheering and screaming wildly!
They remind
the hardworking boys that it's been
1000 days
since they made their debut.

super junior cameras fans
Finally it's time to move on...
* click * click * click * go the cameras
*scream * scream * scream * go the fans

eeteuk talks to mtv
Next it's time for the video cameras.
Eeteuk says a couple of words on MTV Asia.

What did you say? It was very difficult to hear
the reporter above the din.

Then before i knew what was happening, Shindong breaks into a little dance for the benefit of the video camera.

shin dong dances on the red carpet
Fans cheered louder (actually i didn't think that was possible)
when Shindong broke into a little dance

eeteuk continues after shindong dance
Eeteuk goes on to speak to the next video crew and Shindong
(after the dance) appears shy and sheepish. Ha ha so cute.
While handsome oppa (Shiwon) is busy entertaining fans.

super junior goes into arena of stars
After some more posing, they
disappeared into the Arena of Stars.

More on the 2008 MAA and Red Carpet photos soon...


|| Lyññ || said...

waaaa!! So nice!! So lucky!! Shindong!! I like him and YeSeung! Haha... I realised one of them was not smilling... even during the press conference he looked so sad... sadly I wasn't thr to see them in front of my eyes... My ticket was given to a small kid... =(
What's more, my ticket included the after party... sigh...
but at least I get to watch beautiful pics of them from u!!

Thanks!! kamsahamnida! Loved their performance...

audrey said...

thanks orchid for the post n pics..

hmm i didnt realy get to c much of the boys at the red the 3 gals in front of our line got so excited until they step on the railings..n they never did come down until suju kinda bad luck for the rest of us who r bhind them!!! only manage to catch a glimpse of them b4 they went into the arena..

as for one very lucky fan/new found fren..she managed to get sungmin,eeteuk n siwon's signature..siwon even asked what's her lucky was that???*envies her*

i've manage to get other artiste signatures..and even a hug or 2..all thanks to the new found fren..hehe

all of the artiste stop by at our area due to her..

ohya..i saw a few of my frens in ur pics


they looked very dashing but tired as well .Their schedule is very hectic(they even went back to korea after performing)!!!

not sure is it me or not..but heechul kinda looked gloomy n not his usual self..he even went straight into the arena while other members still shaking hands,smiling , waving to the fans

to be continued inside the

p/s orchid,liz n rooster..who r ur fav member in SUJU???

~Jenn~ said...

OMG thank you soo much for this play-by-play. I wish I could make it to all these awesome events. Fortunately I can always check k-popped for detailed accounts complete with pics :D Thanks again for taking the time to share!!

Orchidyaldix said...

omg!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING PICS!!! I envy you so much!!!! hehehehhehee...Siwon looks terribly hot in every pic!!! GOOOOSHHHH!!! *drooling all over!!*
They all look so happy :D (except for Kangin...why so serious cutie???)
Wookie and Shindong look so pretty hehehehehe...loved Shindong's smile hehehehhe...well....thanx for sharing!!!! If you have an extra autograph....PLEASE SEND IT TO MEEEEEE!!!....oh oh oh!!! you can make a competition!!! woooaaahhhh that would be awesome....and then u can give the prize to me!!! HAHAHAA JK :p
Kisses!!! thanx 4 sharing!

Erv said...

u guys were VERY LUCKY indeed. sob*
they got Shin Dong and Rye Wook to posed for u!!!
how does it feel to see them in real life??
will u guys be going if they are having the concert in Malaysia?

i;m sure it felt really different to see him face to face. how's their skin texture like?

miss_tree said...

what great way to start my morning!
now i'm gonna be in a very good mood all day thanks to k-popped.

actually i was quite disappointed last night.
was so engrossed watching King Sejong @KBS i tuned in to mtv @ almost 11pm.
they had a rerun of mtvaa 08 last night..
AND I MISSED SuJu in action!!!
so sad..

but looking at those pictures makes me smile again..
glad to see Kangin finally smiled.

sasjo said...

Great work on the Red Carpet, paparazzo Orchid!

Anonymous said...

I was sitting across from Super Junior and behind Panic at the Disco on the night and the boys all looking amazing...but quite tired. Hee Chul looked sligtly bored/tired but Shin Dong and Hae clapped along with PCD's "When i grow up". Hae was so cute, his expression was like a kid's! Same for Shin Dong. Ryeowook was very sweet, when they walked past and when I was waiting to go to my seat he smiled at everyone. Poor Hyuk looked like he's lost some weight though. But still, they gave excellent performances and the three people I've met have become fans XD. I think they left straight after though because they didn't come back to their seats whereas the other artists did.

wawa said...

wow...great pix from you guys!!! i bet you guys were having a great time there...

** finally, by learning korean language, you managed to call some of the members in SuJu to post for your pix...weeeeeee!


ana said...

waaaaahhhh.. they look right to you. so lucky!!! i'm so jealous. luckily there was no kibum or i'll be jealous to death. hehe..

Anonymous said...

ohh..suju pics...darn..i wish i were there..but my fave man, heechul looks so gloomy/tired/bored.. is it because i'm not there?? *wink* thanks to you, we, the unlucky ones can drools all over the pics..

coro said...

OMO. Thank you so much! i've been waiting for these pics.. full dose of Suju :D.. Si Won!saranghaeyo!!. ah, i wish i was there, screaming the words to him..
yuo guys were so lucky to be there

Orchid said...

@Audrey: Did Siwon ask your friend her name in English or Korean? She must have caught his attention. =)
What did your friend do to make all the artiste stop at your area?

Too early to tell who's my fave SUJU member, but Siwon (so handsome), Eeteuk (cute) and Shindong stands out among the rest for me.

@wawa: Yeah our Korean lessons did come in useful. Liz made me practice saying "Yogi boseyo" loudly in the hotel room. ;-)

Super Junior left directly after their performance that night. They have to be back in South Korea to promote their "Pajama Party" (new song) of their 1st mini-album on 03 August, SBS Inkigayo (that's the very next day!).

madelyn93 said...

donghae held my hand <3

marian said...

wow.. you guys are sooo lucky! i envy you! i bet you were in cloud nine after seeing SuJu in person, huh?

anyways, thanks for keeping us all posted, all the time. have a good day! :)

Anonymous said...

Wa... So nice... Really envy u all!!!

Anonymous said...

MY GOD, an idiot like me waited for SI WON in Genting Hotel until 3am not knowing that they already left T.T

kiwi_seoul said...

wow your coverage is muchly appreaciated girls!! kamsahamnida for all your hard work!! its so cool to see all the photos and read what the atmosphere was like (photos are top notch by the way! fighting)!! im no elf, but i love suju and im soooo jealous that you got so close to them and got to actually see them in real life!! kang in my fav, thanks for making him smile, i was wondering if there were any photos of him smiling! chongmal kamsahamnida k-popped crew! your the best!

Orchid said...

@anonymous I was waiting for SuJu to appear in the photo room after their performance too. So i waited until past 10pm - not knowing that they left immediately after performing. :-( Gosh you waited until 3am...

Glad you all like the photos! :-D

Ily said...

aaaaaaa~~!! lol.
this is post is specially dedicated to me, 맞죠?
Thanks girls.
And it was soo awesome that you gals used your 한국어~~
선생님 must be proud..~~ =)

p.s. i'm keeping the pics yah? Thanks!

Orchid said...

hi illy, are you back is US now? Didn't know you are a big fan of SuJu!

Oh ya 선생님 always says "여기 보세요" in class. ;-)

audrey said...

@orchid: i'm not sure he ask in english or in guess is in english..^^

he ask for her name b4 signing her board..

she was holding a board " FREE HUGS FOR LUCK!~!~!" very smart move..dontcha think???

Liz said...

Heya Orchid, great red carpet pics! Wish I was there with you so I could help make noise...maybe shout '여기 보세요' with you or somethin' :-P.

Glad that you got Shindong and Kangin to smile for your camera. Ryeowook is a sweetie too. Kimchi kisses back at them.

Nozomi said...

so cool, glad you got Kangin to smile.

Anonymous said...

GOD I LOVE SHINDONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They seemed so happy that a press person knew who they were xD
SUJU ♥'s K-popped!!!!!

varms said...

That was awesome!!!
Shin Dong, Ryeo wook, Eeteuk & Sung Min looked like real sweeties!!! Si Won looks like a total heartbreaker!! Kangin looked like he had a tummy upset in that pic, poor him... As for Hee Chul, I dunno what to say bout him...
Thanks for the pics, K-popped! Would have been even more awesome if the other groups nominated came along too! :-D

falisa said...

wow!! totally awesome!! good job! good shots!! kamsahamnida!! how i wish i was there, sharing all the excitements!! *sobss*
anyway, thanx a lot for the posts and pics..hope to see the boys again in Malaysia very very soon!!
SuJu..sarang heyo!!
p/s : hugs n kimchi kisses for orchid, liz n rooster!! u guys really make my day!

Liz said...

@ audrey on who my fav SuJu member is? I don't really know them well enough yet.

They are adorable as a group but going by first impressions:

Shiwon - because he stands out - so tall and handsome. Oh yeah, some mainstream reporters did say that Shiwon is hot.

Eeteuk - I like the enthusiasm he displayed during the PC and how he looked so happy and upbeat all the time.

Heechul - For sleeping while standing during the PC! And being a little out of sync from the quite "blur" like that. I think he's hilarious and cute.

Tenderly said...

I'm glad you didn't have one of those high tech cameras. It's good to see stars in a more realistic light - even though they still looked so good. SUJU looked amazing. Thanks for the pics.

SuJufan said...

Oh Thank U Thank u for the Pics!!!! Sungmin ist so cute!!! I live in Switzerland, so i wasn't there...:-( Ahhh SuJu Forever!!!
Super Junior & E.L.F. Fighting!!!^^

Thank You!!!^^

~Hye~ said...

Although I was not able to get their signature,I talked with eeteuk oppa inside the Arena star,so happy~
I asked whether he had good meal then he answered yes and smiled to let me take his picture.He was so kind!Their performance on tat night was so amazing..

kittykatz116 said...

For some reason, I was surprised at how tall Siwon is compared to the other members. I knew he was taller than they are, but I didn't know it was by that much!
Thanks so much for this! I was going crazy trying to find good pictures of them on the red carpet. I guess that's what I get for being an ELF stuck in America. ^_^
I kind of fangirl spazzed when I got to the eleventh picture and saw Kyuhyun's hand on Hyukjae. That made my whole year.


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