Tuesday, 19 August 2008

SeeYa announces 3rd album comeback

We are happy to report that our 3rd album
will be out on 25 September. Wait for it please...
From left: Lee Bo Ram, Nam Gyu Ri & Kim Yeon Ji

I've come to conclude that Korean's love to use the word comeback. Anyway, the trio SeeYa has announced that they will drop their 3rd album on the 25 September, 2008. This squashes the rumour that Nam Gyu Ri will leave the group to start off a solo career in acting and singing.

Nam Gyu Ri made her debut in acting recently and was in a horror movie with Kim Bum entitled Gosa. The movie is also known as Death Bell (Midterm of Blood).

Source: Reviewstar.net

SG Wannabe & SeeYa join East of Eden's winning equation


Johan said...


I am SO gonna pre-order this when it's available.


Anonymous said...

Lee Boram is so cute! I actually wouldn't mind if Gyuri were to leave!
I like the other two better!
And I love the new group that they're in! Color Pink! They should just be a permanent group!

Anonymous said...

They're all cuties! Though, I'm not too fond of their music.....


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