Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Yoon Eun-hye at 2008 Joinus Fall/ Winter fashion show

Eye spy: 'Wow those are really nice shoes...gotta get 'em.'

I know what Yoon Eun-hye did this afternoon! And no, I don't have her on Twitter or whatchamacalit.

The Coffee Prince darling was at Samsung-dong's Coex Intercontinental Hotel today for the 2008 Joinus Fall/ Winter collection fashion show :-).

More pics below:

Clap clap: 'Ha ha ha, the model looks good, but I
look better in that dress.'

Reflective mood: 'These girls have
nothin' on me.'

Check it!: 'Like my pantyhose? Drop by your
nearest Joinus outlet.'

Fashionista: 'Thanks to Joinus, my wardrobe has an
endless supply of in-season items. I rock!'


janus said...

too bad she only looks good on her photoshopped advertisements

jicks said...

^^I think she looks great.

They usually photoshop just to accentuate her leg-line & create more curves but phtoshop doesn't give you the good looks that she has.

loving the bangs! XD

Anonymous said...

she looks like she gained some weight (not that there's anything wrong with that), but those lacey pantyhose are soooo unflattering on her!

miah said...

She's so beautiful.
I love her espescially on pictures where she doesn't have makeup on.

Anonymous said...

YEH looks tired. Someone needs to hand her some powder and give her some fashion advice!

Anonymous said...

i think she put on weight too...
she looks so-so in unphotoshopped pictures >o<


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