Saturday, 9 August 2008

South Korean team on The Amazing Race Asia 3

The Amazing Race Asia 3 (TARA3) fields its first-ever South Korean team in the form of the sporty Hong brothers - William (홍우림 - Hong Woo-rim) and Isaac (홍이삭 - Hong I-sak).

South Korea reps: The Hong brothers - William (left) & Isaac - are
participating in the upcoming TARA3

The brothers are sports commentators and football agents for professional players. They are working in the same office and even share the same apartment. Issac at 29, is the elder of the two. William is 26.

Read their profiles here.

What about Malaysia this season? We have two teams - TV host/actress Bernie Chan and her elder brother Henry Chan, and actress Ida Nerina and her friend Tania Khan.

Fans of the show can tune in for the special Racers Revealed episode on Sept 4 (Astro Channel 701) at 9pm. The reality travel competition series starts airing on Sept 11 at 9pm.

TARA3 surfing:

Hong I-sak and Hong Woo-rim of TARA 3


carina said...

i dunno much about the celebrity couple from the Philippines who'll be in this 3rd race.. but i hope this year will be as entertaining as the 2nd race. last year was so much fun with Marc and Rovilson's sarcastic and wacky humour (plus they've won the most 1st places at the pitstop) -- Rovilson just ruined it all when he didn't remember the flags tsk tsk

wawa said...

weeee... new season!!! season 2 was the best & i hope the season will be better...

Arin said...

i watched this yesterday, and erm. William is quite ok looking. lol.
ok, enough of that. but I'm supporting the Malaysian teams first of course, and third are William n Isaac xD

Liz said...

@Arin, yeah William is cute :-). Next week's episode is a 90-minute special...interesting.


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