Sunday, 10 August 2008

Our Journey with SuJu in Malaysia & Airport pics

Here are some behind the scenes photos of Super Junior in Malaysia while they were here for the MTV Asia awards.

The photos are from Asia Economony Korea, taken by photographer Park Sung Ki.

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Hee Chul, Ee Teuk, Seong Min and Eun Hyeok
says "Fighting!" as they depart from
Incheon airport for Malaysia @ 11am on
31 July for the 2008 MTV Asia Awards.

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SuJu's arrival at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)
on the 31st July afternoon via MH067 (they flew Malaysia Airlines!)

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Super Junior arriving at KLIA for the 2008 MTV Asia Awards

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200 fans waited at the airport

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More fans at the arrival hall...were you there?

Our Journey with SuJu in Malaysia (Part 1 - 10)

Fan cam video clips by Malaysian fans of Super Junior when they were here in KL.

and her friends followed Super Junior around with their video cameras when they were in Malaysia. View them arriving at KLIA, at their hotel having their meal, during rehearsal in Genting Highlands etc. Here are the links to the 10 part series lovingly made by fans.

Photos: Asia Economy Korea

Video links: Thanks to K-popped! reader Audrey

Check out our 2008 MTV Asia Awards entries


Orchidyaldix said...

Ohhh they are really cute and stylish hehehehehe
Thanx k-popped for bringing us all the stuff of suju in took awesome pics and brought great news to all of us :)
And i repeat...if you have any extra stuff xD give it away!!! hahahha...some contest or anything hehehhee

itsRaining said...

wat, r these elfs for real???
its 31 july, and its thursday!

i bet there r some of them who skipped their school just to see suju...aigooo

Valerie said...

i'm worrie about heechul. he's not as smiley as he used to be. i miss that. :(
sungmin looks so cute smiling! they all have a pretty decent fashion sense. very rockstar.

thanks for sharing the fanvids!

Orchid said...

@Orchidyaldix unfortunately we don't have extra autographs from SuJu members or posters etc.

Next time if we get any, will organize contest okay...

Yeah...did u all skip school to meet your Oppas at the airport???

wawa said...

hahahaha... fans and their idol! they'll do anything for them... erk, i'm talking bout myself too! hahahaha... i'll take leave if any of my idol come over to malaysia! wahahaha...

varms said...

Heechul's really gothic these days... Sungmin is the cutest thing ever! Kinda reminds me of my hamster, haha...

Anonymous said...

wow very stylish!!
i really wonder who were on the same flight as super junior..
if i were on the plane and i see siwon i think ill just faint on the spot. hahaha

suju.saranghae.EMILY<3 said...

Err, i have a special request. My name is Emily(i'm a girl ^^). Orchid unnie, may i be your friend? I really wanna be your friend. I'm not crazy or something(hehe..=]), but i just wanna be your friend, so that i can get more news about suju. Are you a malaysian? Do you stay in Ipoh? Or Kuala Lumpur? Or where? Please be my friend..=] PLEASE...=)

suju.saranghae.EMILY<3 said...

oh, and i forgot to say that i'm only 13 years old. ^^ Orchid unnie, wish that i can be your friend. =] and i really really love SUPERJUNIOR. I LOVE SUJU! so when you are in touch with them, can you tell me? please..=] you're so lucky that you can always see suju. i really want that too. ^^ so, Orchid unnie, can you help me? and can we keep in contact? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. T_______T

suju.saranghae.EMILY<3 said...

AND, Orchid unnie, can you also tell them about me? i know i'm overacting. but, REALLY. i really really love suju oppa. seeing you, Orchid unnie, always being able to see them and be so close to them, that makes me even crazier about them. =] so i beg you unnie, can you pleaseeeeeee tell them about me?? waiting for your reply. ^^

Orchid said...

@emily...come to this blog to check on Super Junior or go to the forums where there's lots of news about them.

suju.saranghae.emily. said...

ohhh. okay. thanks. but, does this mean that i can't be your friend?

Liz said...

@suju.saranghae.emily, hello emily, we are all friends here at K-popped! :-) Welcome and do visit us often.

suju.saranghae.emily. said...

ohhh, i see. thanks alot. ^^ bytheway, i will! i will try and visit K-popped everyday. lol. =]

pisca said...

if i was there... *sigh*


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