Thursday, 25 September 2008

Apology after two years

The movie Apology was first screened at the 2006 Busan International Film Festival, but was put on the back burner until now.

The flick starring Moon Sori, Lee Seon-gyun and Kim Tae-woo will finally be released in South Korea on Oct 16.

Friendly lovers: Moon (centre) is flanked by her onscreen
lovers Lee (left) and Kim.

The romance flick revolves around a woman named Hyeon Jeong (Moon Sori) who is torn between two lovers. While she is married, marital bliss quickly becomes a thing of the past when her first love walks back into her life.

The South Koreans' fascination with love triangles - and quadrangles - continue.

The stars of Apology, along with director Kang Lee-kwan, held a press conference yesterday in Seoul in conjunction with the film's release.

Team effort: The stars of the movie with director Kang

Source: MSN News



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