Thursday, 11 September 2008

Eva's done with dating, wants marriage

Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies Eva Popiel says that the next time she dates, she wants it to lead to marriage because she's tired of playing the field.

Will you marry me?: Eva's looking for love...that lasts

"I don't want Korean men to break my heart anymore," she said during a segment of the popular KBS talk show. "It's not that I don't want to date Korean men anymore, but I want to marry the person if I start a relationship. I don't want to break up."

The 26-year-old then added: "When I talk about my experience in dating Korean men, it may sound like I've dated a lot of Korean men but I'm actually talking about the same person all the time."

The beauty of British-Japanese parentage also revealed that she was involved in a love triangle once. "I loved the man so much, I was really shocked when I discovered that he already had a girlfriend. Now it's difficult to trust men."

And all the girls say "Amen".

Source: Sports Chosun with translations by Joe Gimm
Pic credit: Eva's minihompy

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kpop-rubba said...

I wouldn't wanna marry her. She seems so bitchy.

Marie said...

I think there's a YouTube video of Brian Joo asking her to go skiing for New Year's, might be the same girl. I don't know how many British-Japanese girls are on tv in Korea. Guess she turned him down? :(

Anonymous said...

Haha @ Kpop-rubba. She seriously tries too hard to be famous in Korea. She should have just left the entertainment scene like Anya did after she was in Super Junior's Full House.


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