Thursday, 11 September 2008

An interview with Song Seung-hun

Digital Chosunilbo carried an interesting interview with East of Eden heartthrob Song Seung-hun recently. In the article, the actor talked about his failed attempt at dodging military service, his regrets over his actions and his improving acting skills. Here's K-popped!'s twist on it.

No longer just a pretty boy

"I know I'm known thanks to my looks rather than anything else," Song said of his 14 years in the entertainment industry. "But I no longer care about that."

The 32-year-old actor debuted back in 1995 as a jeans model and rose to stardom overnight thanks to his role in the MBC sitcom Three Guys and Three Girls. Before enlisting, he was known for his romantic leading roles in melodramas such as Autumn in My Heart.

However, after being discharged from the army, Song decided to choose his next project carefully. To toughen up his image, the actor chose Destiny as his comeback flick (pic, below). He co-starred with best friend Kwon Sang-woo in the gritty action drama.

Song is currently starring in MBC's drama East of Eden (pic, above) where he plays a man who joins the mafia to avenge his father's death. Yeap, the pretty-faced boy has grown up to portray the kind of heroes you wouldn't bring home to Mama.

Accidental actor

"I started acting unprepared without thinking much about it. So I still sometimes feel like I'm dreaming when so many fans show their love for me."

The accidental actor has matured and is taking the advice of his Autumn in my Heart director Yoon Suk-ho. Yoon once told Song to act from his heart and stop "trying to look cool and handsome when acting."

The actor believes he is able to do that now - "act sincerely and truthfully."

Dodging military service

"It was one of the most regreattable things in my life. In the military, I often thought about the importance of being humble and taking things as they come."

Song reportedly evaded enlistment by citing poor health - diabetes and high blood pressure. The South Korean government discovered his little ruse when he was 28, and the actor was subsequently hauled into the army for his two-year stint.

His starpower didn't wane even after the fiasco and he reportedly received boxes of letters every week. Song is crazy popular in Japan and when he was discharged on Nov 15, 2006, his Japanese fans were there to greet him.

He said of his popularity: "I’m happy and at the same time it’s a lot of pressure when Japanese fans come to Korea to study because of me."

Source: Digital Chosunilbo

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like he has grown up.

Arin said...

I still remember during my primary school days, I liked him a lot when I watched Autumn in my Heart.
And it has been.... abt 10 years already right? phewh.
He didn't change that much. I'm glad he decides to get active back as an actor! xD

p/s: Currently watching East of Eden ;)


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