Friday, 26 September 2008

Gowoonsesang & Dr G beauty products in Malaysia

You know you envy the porcelin smooth skin you see on your fave South Korean stars. Now, you can have flawless skin too...or at least try to :-P.

Korean skincare Gowoonsesang has made its way to Malaysian shores. The cosmetics company offers "medical formula for beautiful and healthy skin."

English version of the website

The formulators of the products are made up of medical doctors, 43 dermatologists and over 100 skincare professionals - wow, what an astounding number.

You can thus be assured that these skincare formulations are made with the highest expertise.

Initially the company offered asthetics, dermatology and plastic surgery services in Seoul. When patients started requesting skincare products after dermatological treatments, the range of Gowoonsesang skincare was created.

Also, sales of the products started out through word of mouth, now it's being exported to countries like Hong Kong, China, Japan, US and of course, Malaysia.

Korean version of the website

Gowoonsesang products are priced between RM69 to RM119. The prestige lines - Luxury EGF and Platinum - retail from RM75 to RM455.

Where can you get it in Malaysia? At Sa Sa beauty outlets. It sounds really interesting. Would like to check it out when I can :-). Are you using any of their products?

More info at:

Source: CloveTWO

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Anonymous said...

Went to Sasa Midvalley last week. They told me that i have to make a reservation if i wanna buy Dr G's BB Cream. I believe Dr G products are quite familiar here.

Orchid said...

@anonymous Must make an order? Hmm... it must be quite popular or they don't have the stock? Will check it out too!

Anonymous said...

Gowoonsesang & Dr G are the same brand?

Anonymous said...

Can't you just buy it from They don't have the full range there but I did see the BB cream

Liz said...

Hello anonymous #2, if I'm not mistaken Gowoonsesang is the brand and Dr G is one of the product lines they have?

Crystal Chan said...

i'm using this..~~~
it's quite good...
the cream is actually really good but yes,, it's sold out everywhere,,,
but unfortunately they don't have the other line where they use marine extracts,, they have more in singapore..~!

Anonymous said...

I saw Gowoonsesang and Dr.G products at SaSa outlet in Bugis Junction, Singapore too. But the ranges are quite small, and the prices are around $45-$100. Didn't see any BB cream though.


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